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  1. Yeah Daddy! Thee fresh be rulin bra... Nar Nar been so stoke, ya feel... proud to seez ya shapin the skillz! felt ya might take VAY CAY from turnin tricks dawg... G-ridin the board, be draggin knuckles. slaped the planks in some Fresh Nar Nar last week bra, super sickness! Yeah Ya! DOOOOOOOD hook it! Peace!
  2. Fejas

    A woman's worth

    yous got to put in laundry service, maid service, child service, accounting service, the only one I don't think you can add is prostatution service... cause that can be picked up at the bar on any given night during the week... around closing time they'll suck ya off in the parking lot before you head home....
  3. Fejas

    A woman's worth

    shit marg! you shoulda red the tag on that there box... Those wasn't nerds candy those was decon!
  4. I kinda like deffinition 2 myself.... course thats what you gotta doo when you've got the HIV!!! I wrecked myself prety good after luch man, of couse launching twenty feet from the sky off frozen rain covered guppy drops and not being able to see the landing will do that to a gaper like me!!!
  5. So would you say.... Gettin the pow, instead of gettin the pink? I'd have calises on my cack, if sex were like skiing... Stinkay Pinkay!!!
  6. Me moms can take a lot of rippin bra... good luck with that!!!
  7. shit yeah main! Extreamo and I been rippin it up serious... da snow be epic bra!!!
  8. new one is going in Redmond. misguided youth is all i'm saying. fkn jibbers. One of these days, I will learn U the ways of the Jibber!!! And the Jedi Jibbing skills that will be done off cliffs and off trees in the backcountry powder!!! We will Jibb the back country road gape, as well as strait lining a north facing slope! Cabs off cliffs beeeyoooottchhh!!!
  9. Fejas


    Thanks guys! I am going to just bring gear for the canyons... He is very athletic and i'm sure he could climb behind me just fine, but if the low end routes are few and far between, I'll learn him another time....
  10. Fejas


    No Utah page, obviously cause its not in the Cascades... I'm going to Zion in utah, and am going to be backpacking with a bunch of Gapers... Entering in on the west rim trail from springdale. A buddy wants to try his hand at a few routs, any buddy know of any (no higher than 5.9) routs in that area I could take him on... Thanks a bunch...
  11. Fejas

    Angery Pirate

    1. Angery Pirate When you are having sex with someone and right before you Cum you kick them in the leg and spooge in there eye ,and they limp away half blind and moaning "Aarrgh"
  12. what weekend is that in may? I'm such a dirtsack, I don't even have a clender in my office...
  13. I want to see titties. bitches!!! TITTIES!!!
  14. Fejas

    The Hermit in me

    DOn't ever mistake me for a ignorant, rasist, ferral molesting crap bag you mistake for a chance at life...
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