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excess leg muscle speculation thread

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I've heard that biking should be avoided by technical climbers because it builds excessive leg muscle. I got a road bike a few months ago and have been riding at least a few times a week. I go on 40~ mile rides frequently and even did 94, somewhat spontaneously, last Monday. I usually incorporate hill climbs in my rides.


I recently noticed that my leg muscles look slightly more bulky and definitely more well-defined. (See post in Cafe Sensitivo forum for pics, if interested.)


At what point are the aerobic benefits bicycling offset by the additional muscle weight gains in the legs, for a climber? I have no desire to lead anything beyond 5.10+. Physically, I am mostly leg.



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I raced bicycles for a couple of years and I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. You won't accidentally get huge legs.


A lot of women don't lift weights because they think they will turn into the hulk. Look at the top pro climber women. They are not very yoked despite many of them spending a lot of time lifting weights.


Below is a picture of the top sprinter year after year in the Tour de France. He lifts a lot of weights and rides his bike and still his legs are pretty reasonably small.



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In the 90's the rumor was that a famous french sport climber would make his girlfriend carry his pack up the hill to the crag so he wouldn't develop more leg muscle.


I've tried to convince my wife she needs to carry my pack for the same reason but its never worked.

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