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  1. 3 likely possibilities: patellofemoral syndrome, torn meniscus, or arthritis. (Medial pain doesn't fit with IT band ). Quad strengthening can help with patellifemoral- which is probably most likely. Need to be careful with the exercises though because some can make it worse. Generally quad exercises that don't stress the knee are best. You need a PT. it will get better. Cheers!
  2. The issues here are inflammation and over-use of an injured tendon. The NSAIDS and/or cortisone might help but your issues will keep coming back if you don't let the connective tissue heal. I'm guessing you will have to be very careful with how much you do with these fingers until the problem is resolved. Glucosamine/chonroitin is thought to be useful for type II cartilage lubrication which is probably not the issue here. Also, "mixed results" is a little more positive than I would give the evidence on that supplement. There may be a surgical option which can remove a pulley that that inflammation is "catching" on. I generally view surgery as a last resort, but if it is seriously affecting your lifestyle... Basically, I think you should really scale back using that finger for a while and see if you get any improvement.
  3. Make me an offer, need to get rid of these. I would be willing to split the bindings/skis as well. The 01's are a really sweet binding and these are standard size/midstiff cartrages. I know skis are not much for resale value but they have inserts for tele bindings and have nice BD skins that come with so would be a great start for someone wanting to get into backcountry.
  4. Selling these 181 Atomic Tacora skis. They are in good shape and just had a tune and wax. They are great skis with BD 01 bindings and the skins are BD ascension- very good condition, only used a few times. $275 OBO
  5. Can anyone comment on the snow levels around Mt. Bachelor?
  6. Pretty good climbing around Alpental today. Many of the slabby WI2-3 look climbable.12cm screws were the ticket. Saw some guys headed for source lake climbs. Not sure how fat those routes were. From across the lake the conditions looked a little stiffer than my crew of beginners was ready for. Great time had by all.
  7. So I am new to Seattle and was wondering if some of you veterans out there could tell me where the ice usually forms up first. I have 2 days off coming this weekend and am really looking forward to scouting some ice with the recent cold temps (usually have 1-2 days off a month so you can imagine my excitement!). Am I jumping the gun or are there some possibilities?
  8. Sadly misunderstanding science again... Just pick a topic and you can always find "brave maverick scientists" that disagree with the consensus. To believe them over the evidence is proof of a bias that you desperately want confirmed.
  9. I keep hearing the argument the people just want to be informed about their food choices. This strikes me as the most ridiculous argument for 522. What choice has one made when they understand nothing about it? I don't mean this to be derogatory- just that if you look at a label with saturated fat content in one column and daily value in the next, most people can come up with an idea of the implications of that content. Show me someone that can discuss transgenic mutations! Clearly that is not a common consumer and a GMO sticker on the food informs almost no one.
  10. Considering the pain is affecting her ability to swim I think you have made the right choice about surgery. You get a really good look at the labrum once the scope is in and you can usually identify any problems that may have been more mysterious looking at MRI. Also, if there is minimal damage, the labrum can be "cleaned up" or even left alone entirely if the doc deems it to be unnecessary. Further, if there is truly a large tear, it will need to be fixed or no amount of PT will help.
  11. Just follow your docs advice. It's good to tell them upfront that she is an athlete, because a lot of those orthos understand that and will tell you straight up what you can and can't get away with when trying to push a sports return. Labral repair can go different ways depending on where and how bad the tear was. She's young so hopefully the site of injury has good blood supply (the main factor with this issue) and keep your fingers crossed. I think she can come back faster if she can keep in shape and strengthen everything else while she's waiting for shoulder to heal. Good luck to her!
  12. Any drytooling closer to Seattle? I know 38 is pretty close but I have near zero free time and want to stay in some kind of shape. May just have to put a board up in the back yard...
  13. Long rides shouldn't add too much bulk so I would say keep at it! Also, the endurance training is way better for your health than climbing and will help get you fit for the mountains. Bike riding will not keep you from 5.10 or 11 or 12...
  14. Maybe some vitamin D in the winter if you are not seeing enough sun but I seriously doubt you need any kind of supplements. Save your dough!
  15. I agree with Matt here. A traverse of the range will be sweet but you would spend most of your time walking. Going in on the glacier trail would be fun but no real climbing or good fishing until you hit Gannett. Though I have never fished the Downs Fork drainage, Dinwoody lakes are average fishing. You could get to Gannett cross country by way of Ross Lakes which I have pulled some big rainbows but I will warn you that it is slow going on the North end of that valley. A southern trek is probably better. Not sure what you are comfortable soloing but the N ridge of Haystack is a nice 5.6 but I only remember a couple moves at that grade and the Overhanging tower in the cirque has a fun 5.4ish route. You could go in Big Sandy to hit those and fish Black Joe on the way and I've heard people hit Deep lake for Goldens but I haven't fished it personally. You could drop into Shadow Lake after Overhang tower and head north. East fork Valley looks amazing but I've never walked through it- plenty of lakes and moderate climbs on the dome though. If you head out Scab Creek, Rainbow lake has some good sized brook trout. Most of the lower lakes around Scab will give up a few big brookies on wooly buggers. I have also heard there is good fishing on the other side of photo pass but it is on the rez and you need to get a special permit ahead of time (not too much hassle actually). I don't know that there is much climbing up that way but the hike is beautiful. Keep in mind it is a long ass drive to big Sandy trailhead if you do point to point. I've seen people riding it on bikes, but they are usually covered in dust and don't look super happy. plenty popular though so you might be able to hitch a ride. Also feel free to ask me more as I am the side-kick of the dynamic...delinquent? duo with Matt. Erik (I can feel the Wyomingites rattling the pitchforks after all that fishing beta so good thing I'm heading out of here soon)
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