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Congrats to Drew


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I'm excited to see the years to come. To Bolt is such a classic. To have committed to put in the work needed to nail all 105 or so moves is amazing for anyone, let alone a young dude.


I work with young people for a living, and I have to say that I'm impressed with Drew and crew socially as well. In my limited interaction with this group they have been consistently polite and helpful, quieting down when asked and generally self-managing. Young people with these skills are rare, and everyone involved should be proud.



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I appreciate the comments! We try to keep the groups of kids under control as much as possible. I know it can be frustrating for other climbers to have kids running amuck. Other climbers should have a chance to climb w/o a circus going on.


Our kids are definitely not perfect but they do try as much as possible.




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Speaking only for myself, although I don't get around crowds much, I do know lots of folks with kids of all ages and get invited out with them on occasion. It's usually a real pleasure to be around them. 95% of the time they are so happy and upbeat it just makes your heart happy and your face smile. Doesn't seem to matter if they are outclimbing me :-), playing grabass with each other, or sitting on the ground playing with toy soldiers. I appreciate your attitude of watching out for cranky adults though:-) - good parenting.


Right on Rudy! My best to you and yours, and add my congrats to Drew too!

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