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[TR] Aasgard Pass - The Valkyrie 6/26/2012


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Trip: Aasgard Pass - The Valkyrie


Date: 6/26/2012


Trip Report:

I was joined by a couple buddies in an attempt to climb Acid Baby the other day. But when I realized I had forgotten a lot about the route and I'd rather be lost on something new than a climb I'd done, we made the last-minute decision to try a new route just to the left, on the same tower.


This tower is probably called Aasgard Sentinal or Spineless Prow (although it sure has a "spine" up top) but either way it is a rampart of Enchantment Peak, on the east side of the trail up Aasgard Pass.








P2 (The orange rock where we belayed is a good landmark)



P2 higher up



Scott Bennett lead the first 2 pitches, I took the middle block, and Graham Zimmerman got us to the summit, joining Acid Baby on the last pitch. Every pitch was 5.10 and the rock was generally stellar. Along with the stemming corners and splitters, the route featured a an amazing face of knobs and blobs, overhanging just a touch and with enough gear to make it exciting but not really dangerous.


P3 starts with a hidden traverse on jugs, straight right for 25'



P5 knobs before joining Acid Baby's hand traverse to the summit



Best topout around:



Despite trying to find a solstice-themed name, we settled on "The Valkyrie" in deference to the area's Norse naming convention. (Aasgard Pass, Lake Brunhilde, Dragontail, Lady Godiva)


It should be nice to have another mid-grade climb in the area, as there are very few alpine rock routes between 5.9 and 5.11+. It felt like a similar difficulty and quality as Acid Baby, a route one friend of mine has climb SIX! times, including 4x in one summer.



Gear Notes:

Double set to 3" - 60m rope - no need for boots or snow gear


Approach Notes:

60 Left of Acid Baby, 2/3 of the way up Aasgard Pass

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Hell yeah dudes!

Way to keep pushing the Enchantments into the new generation.


As soon as the weather clears up I will have to go check this one out.

I like how the route meets up with the final, super cool, ridge section of Acid Baby. The views from "Aasgard Sentinal or Spineless Prow" are amazing.


Looks like another new school classic

Thanks Blake, Scott and Graham.

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Maybe this will be obvious once I get there, but I'm pretty good at getting lost so:


One of the photo captions says: "P3 starts with a hidden traverse on jugs, straight right for 25'" but is this actually P4 (as listed on the topo)?



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