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  1. for sale BD turbo express ice screws

    Andreu, sent you a PM
  2. for sale screamers

    Anybody use these anymore? $5 each or $20 for the lot.
  3. 3 @ 21cm, 1 @ 18cm, 2 @ 15cm All sharp and shiny. $25/each I'm in the Seattle area
  4. A good starter set for winter alpineering. 50cm shafts. drop and curved picks. I'm sure I could dig up another leash. $30 each or $50 for the pair. cash or venmo.
  5. I said "unused", not new. They were manufactured in 2002, nuf said. $75 each, $100 for the pair. Can ship for cost. I'm in the Seattle area.
  6. DMM Terminator crampons

    Dug deep in the gear bin to pull out this treasure for y'all. These are old school rigid crampons (some of you remember). They are pretty good for pure water ice; puts some mojo in your kick. Comes with all the trimmings (heel spurs!) and can be set up for dual point or mono (centered or off). Adjustable to fit just about any (rigid sole) boot. Haven't been used a ton, so points still have a lot of life. $50 cash or venmo. Could ship for cost if you're not in the Seattle area (i'm in Edmonds) https://www.climbing.com/gear/dmm-terminator-crampon-review-no-226/ Ice climbing around here is going to be off the hook when all this rain freezes up ; )
  7. Well played gentlemen. Thanks for the stoke.
  8. Positively excellent! Thanks for the report. Just got my Nexus card and BC is my new backyard.
  9. Lib Ridge?

    It would be a lot safer to camp where you cross the broad lower end of Curtis Ridge. If you're skiing the approach, this won't add substantially to the time/effort on your summit day and getting on to the base of Lib. ridge in the early morning hours makes sense to me. I've done it in the late afternoon on a warm day and it was a shooting gallery. There is plenty of flat terrain on lower Curtis and you might even find running water. Good luck!
  10. Very cool. My dad got me started in the climbing game as an early teen. It was one of the greatest things he did for me.
  11. [TR] Mt Baker - North Ridge 5/29/2017

    I like your style. Well played!
  12. Thanks! Just what I needed to know
  13. I like it! Thanks for posting. How far up the road past the gate were you able to drive? Did you see any activity up there to account for it being open?
  14. [TR] Snoqualmie Mountain - New York Gully 1/23/2017

    Nice work! I love that climb