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  1. Crazy shot

    we too can be gods, if only for a moment
  2. [TR] The Post Office- Faux Bavarian Headache

    Strange that it was filed in "spray". That was defiinitely a trip.
  3. ‘The alpinist” movie now on Netflix

    I related this annecdote on the thread here that followed Marc's death, but I'll throw it out again. Our party encountered Marc and partners descending Slesse after climbing the NE Buttress. He was with a quite elderly Austrian and a guy from WA whom he had hooked up with through the CCs partners forum. He told us about he and the Austrian retreating from Slesse a short time before in a storm and leaving his rack behind. He seemed to me very much the goofy kid (still in high school at that time) whose posts I had seen on this site and I mentioned this to my partners after we continued on. My friend Grahm, who has gone on to become a worldclass alpinist (LInk Sar, Piolet d'or among other notable accomplishments), had a different take: "you'll be hearing about that kid" was his reply. I guess it takes one to know one.
  4. ‘The alpinist” movie now on Netflix

    What I get from that quote is that Marc had come to realize that he was not there to "inspire us".
  5. Splitboards for kids?

    I'm pretty sure that enablement of a minor in the pursuit of BC snowboarding is a moral failure if not downright criminal. I know many reformed splitboarders. Maybe they could help with an intervention.
  6. Your pictures make me consider going places I have never considered going. Thanks
  7. Great write-up of a bonafide "soft epic" (full-on shit show where nothing really disastrous happens). If you get through one of those at the beginning of your climbing career and want to go back for more, you're a climber.
  8. Did you summit?

    climbing is a game in which you can make your own rules
  9. Liberty Ridge -- best timing

    Absolutely agree. It's not just the glacier travel. The more of the garbage rock that Rainier is made out of that is buried under snow or held together by ice, the less likely you become a bowling pin.
  10. Scottish Ice

    That's crazy! Riding a motorcycle with no fukking helmet.
  11. [TR] Guye Peak - South Gully 01/30/2021

    Three parties on the S gully of Guye. Que` cosa!
  12. bump for Off Belay collection. Free to a good home. I have some of the guide books left too, so inquire if you see something you want.