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  1. US Size 11. Great condition. No tears, rips, or gashes. Laces are good. Super warm boot. Located in Spokane but will ship.
  2. ZARPADO WA-SOME work on the videos dude!Easy place to film I'll admit. It sure was nice to have the range mostly to ourselves on two popular climbs!!! We are waiting for you to get up here and shralp some WA-ROCK soon. www.bodieventure.wordpress.com
  3. Trip: Aguja Guillaumet - Amy route Date: 11/23/2012 Trip Report: The report can be found here: Beau's Blog
  4. Trip: Aguja Poincenot - Whillans Date: 11/26/2012 Trip Report: Here is the report on Beau's blog: beau's blog
  5. haha I wish it was all splitter white granite too man! At least there's the Bugaboos and California waiting for you!!! Great job dudes, it looked like a beautiful day in a beautiful place...
  6. Trip: Central Andes, Chile. - Cerro Tres Hermanos - Central Summit (Solo) Date: 7/23/2012 Trip Report: find the report on Beau's Blog: Here Approach Notes: The best thing to do is take a bus from the town of Los Andes, Chile towards Saladillo. Tell the chofer this: "Quiero hacer dedo para Portillo" when you get on the bus. He will smile and nod his head. In 20 minutes, When he turns the bus around and says "aqui aqui" get off and start walking, its a beautiful place to hitchhike and you will get picked up for sure.
  7. So Amazing! New school generation enchantments climbing is at the pinnacle of rad shit going down. It only gets better, that's the path. And By great people too! A big Thank you to all in L-town...
  8. Trip: The Mole - North Face Date: 5/19/2012 Trip Report: I'd always point it out to people, " see that man, that's The Mole dude." I'd be like.... Pics and all: Beau's Blog Gear Notes: Goggles for the moss haha Approach Notes: Compact snow and an early start made the approach cruiser...
  9. I will catch you if you fall my friend... Most people, like myself, never have the gear or ambition to Aid. I learned from the start that Climbing should be done free and in good style. But, after taking time to scratch the surface of this discipline, in light of wanting to climb a few routes that require it, I can attest to it's value. The positions gained from overcoming hard (overhung) terrain for consecutive pitches is totally wild, unforgettable, and addicting. Anyone lacking total confidence in gear placements, rope management, or rescue techniques will find that Aid Climbing sharpens all of these. Thank you Wayne for taking the time to teach me so much.
  10. Trip: Dragontail - Colchuck - Triple Couloirs - NBC Date: 5/12/2012 Trip Report: My friend Nick and I cruised two spring routes this week in great condition. Pictures and words here: Beau's Blog Gear Notes: 1 picket, 3 screws, 00 cam was handy twice on belays. Approach Notes: the road was closed with VERY little snow. Should blow open soon.
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