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Yikes - major avalanche near Steven's Pass 3 gone


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Total bummer...

I think we can all relate with a feeling of security on slopes that would otherwise be classical avy terrain, if we've spent a lot of time on it in the past and never seen it avy.


I so want to comment on some of the things stated in this thread, but...


Can we save all the speculation and poor choices talk for another day? Let's let people grieve for the loss of their friends...

My condolences to all involved.

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Yesterday I talked to one of the eye-witnesses. Said the Snoqualmie guy fell around 650 feet all told from the top of the cliff to where he laded. Scary stuff.
Wow, WS. Ugh...scary and so very sad. I got home to Fairbanks today, and the local radio news station just mentioned the Steven's Pass Avalanche.


My deepest and sincere condolences to the family and friends of those who perished.

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These guys were as good as good gets. I new them well and feel lucky to have spent as much time in and out of the mountains as I have. Another huge loss to Leavenworth.


Seems we have had a real string of misfortune over the last year or so with the passing of Joe Puryear, Dan Zimmerman, Ian Mynatt, Chris Rudolf, Jim Jack, and Johnny Brenan.


So sad...

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