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    Hey! The new looks is super, and I'm digging it. Thanks guys for all your work.
  2. Winter Climbing Partners

    If any of you are interested in a low key, happy, fun (but challenging) cragging trip down in J this winter Jan and/or Feb, PM me! Let's get some folks together and start some plans! I'm planning on renting a van down there too. I'm just starting to lead so if you're OK with doing most leading it may be fun for all. In the meantime, if you're in Leavenworth this October send me a PM to climb DURING THE WEEK ONLY (no weekends). No psychopaths and no booty calls. Booty calls--especially from guys with SO's and children--are grounds for, "I think you are an ignorant pig no matter HOW good a climber you are." Thanks.
  3. Winter Climbing Partners

    Momcat and Sherri should be friends! Hope you guys hooked up and made fun plans for a NV fall trip. THANKS Sherri for the invite, I already bought plane tickets from work in AK to home in WA for the months of Oct and Nov, so maybe after Dec? If you guys are back around Oct 17-20 we should meet up! -Dina
  4. Mountaineers

    That was AWESOME, Matt. You sound kinda cute, too.
  5. The SEATAC water fountain...

    ....DRIVES ME UP A FUCKING WALL!! OMFG... the water fountain at SeaTac at the end of C gates is the MOST ANNOYING thing ever. I HATE that stupid loud fake babbling brook sound. Whoever put that in should have his nuts thumped. And if it was a woman...I dunno... When anyone drinks out of it, I want to go up to them, push them away and say, "Get out of here. You don't know what thirst is. Go to Starbucks." I swear, I'm going to start bringing an OUT OF ORDER sign with me to hang on it when I go back and forth to work. I'm deranged--I know. I'm going to the Concourse.....
  6. The SEATAC water fountain...

    Sheesh...it would be non-stop then. Jesus christ..... MUST people fill their water bottles, too.....go to Hudson's and buy a bottle for god's sakes.
  7. caption please

    That made me laugh! Ha!
  8. Enchantments Hike thru this coming weekend

    I gotta go to work!
  9. Enchantments Hike thru this coming weekend

    Yeh, it sure is smokey and no, not pleasant at all. I could barely see Wedge Mt from less than a mile away this morning. I'm heading to Alaska right now for 2 weeks, and thankfully so.
  10. Fire closure in the Enchantments!

    Thanks for the info.
  11. Enchantments Hike thru this coming weekend

    Yeh, same here. I don't know why there's not much information and I heard nothing on the radio. BUT my friends are dirt bagging it up the Icicle and they just evacuated their camp site (I think there were by 8 mile). She hasn't gotten back to me, but cell service is spotty up the Icicle. EDIT: They are now up at Mountain Home camping. Bridge Creek is closed and they said it's getting crazy!! As they were driving to town, they saw cars being towed out of Snow Creek campground. ?!?!?! Whoa....
  12. Endurance, Strength, and Preventive Training

    Well, doug, if it's ANY consolation to you, I met a super bad as dude free soloing some 5.11's at Squamish ( a local). He was 43 years old, ripped and hot! meow.
  13. Endurance, Strength, and Preventive Training

    That is awesome!! What a great offer! Wish you lived in Central OR, John! Keep FA'ing those Alaska peaks!!
  14. Looking for Tacoma partner(s) & Leavenworth soon?

    HELLO!!! PM ME when you're in Leavenworth! I have lots of nice gear and NEW Mammut and Edelweiss ropes! Also just got some BD cams we can use.... I'm just starting to lead 5.7. I'm a very safe, aware, attentive belayer, too. I can set up anchors, too. I'm available all through Oct 10 - 28 (I'm heading to Alaska for 2 weeks tomorrow AM)
  15. Enchantments Hike thru this coming weekend

    Looks like the Enchantments area has a good fire going on up there.......couldn't find information on the web but the folks at Leavenworth Mt Sports said the Enchantments is now closed. Not sure, but I wouldn't want to be hiking there. I was at Bruce's boulder scrambling early this morning and it's pretty smokey alright. Lots of bucket drops going on up there.
  16. Endurance, Strength, and Preventive Training

    Great website and info Mike. Of course, listen your your body. I've had clients come to me after CrossFit Training with bad injuries and torn meniscus' saying they'll never do it again. CrossFit and similar programs get a bad rap from some people (especially middle aged folks) who jump into it full force. It's not CrossFit that's the problem, but they didn't have proper instruction and lift form and tried to keep up with people that have been training that way for several years. Of course, this is common sense, but it's easy to want to push yourself too fast.
  17. [TR] Bugaboo Provincial Park - 8/4/2012

    Great TR and super photos! Thanks! Glad you guys had that outstanding weather. I have yet to get to the Bugs.
  18. Winter Climbing Partners

    Cool Ragner. Right on...I have 3 weeks off in October, so we should hook up Yeh I couldn't climb for weeks on end right now. I'm still breaking in my fingers and developing my "climber calluses." I climbed for 4 days up in Squamish and my fingers were getting raw and bleeding that I really had to stop. I LOVE IT THOUGH! RAWR! If anyone is up at Burgers and Fries in Squamish and see blood on the routes.....it's mine. Sorry.
  19. Winter Climbing Partners

    You crack me up! Gonna send ya PM! Thanks JDK.
  20. Winter Climbing Partners

    I know, right?
  21. Winter Climbing Partners

    Good question (This really is not spray mods) No, Ben, I'm not at all. *woof* I am, however, very positive, stable, no drama, very fit and SAFE but am a beginner climber who wants to CLIMB A LOT this winter and looking for other climbers who climb better than I and who have the time off. I have all my own gear.
  22. Winter Climbing Partners

    I work 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off all year long. So I'll stay down there for 2 weeks (~12 days) at a time this winter. We can overlap too. So I can get down there for 2 weeks leave, then come back in 2 weeks. If that makes sense... I have trad gear (BD plus 2 new ropes--one for top rope and one for lead Edelweiss and Mammut). I even have a BD cam number 4!! If Red Rocks works, that's an option, too.
  23. Squamish Access Society Re-bolting Initiative

    Hey David! WOW! That's great news!! That is so awesome you all are doing this and thanks for posting. THANKS to all those people who contributed their efforts! I ran into Al and Travis this weekend! Travis was free soloing that (now) 5.10c on Burger and Fries and then a 5.11. Just got back from Squamish today (I LOVE Squamish so much!) and had incredibly beautiful weather.
  24. Why do so many women believe in bull shit?

    Then again, guys may believe in such bull shit too.... I don't label myself as any religious sect.....I don't know, care or really believe there is a loving benevolent being in space or above my head. NOR do I believe in reincarnation. Recently, I find more and more women buying into Sylvia Brown or reincarnation or crystals and proudly labeling themselves in paganism. I'm logical so it annoys me. AND it really irritates me when a "Christian" believes in reincarnation; this dismantles the WHOLE concept as to why Christian exists. Physical death is external. But I do know that a lot of men find the whole witch, candle dripping hot wax sex, and pagan sex and tattoo things hot. It's just fun, I guess.
  25. Why do so many women believe in bull shit?

    Well, this has been super peoples. Thanks for the fun posts! Heading to the west side for a change before I go back to Alaska. I'm off to Squamish for some cragging and scamper on the Big Chief's Apron. Let's see if I can lead a few pitches up Diedre this time. If anyone is on FB, feel free to request me. Not huge into it, but it can be useful and I can get messages on my cell (I can't access hotmail on my cheap dumb cell phone): Page http://www.facebook.com/destiny.determined.3 Word to yer cam.