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  1. This actually spurs an argument in my mind. Personally, I believe that if you leave it, it's booty. If you post online asking for someone to give it back (which I've done to considerable opposition) you really are just asking for a favor or for someone to yank it.. Therefore, I no longer post asking for people to find my gear. I figure it basically is climbing's Karma- unless you count post number like dwaner or whoever. It can be also an expensive teacher- younger, less experienced climbers bail more frequently, and with more anchor redundancy than more experienced climbers in my experience. It is an actual financial transfer that happens slowly in the climbing community between friends, partners, and climbing brethren. (And I mean that in the most general neutral way possible). Other people believe strongly that gear should be returned to them at all costs. These people have an unrealistic attitude probably about climbing in general but in the ethos behind it. If a single cam and a couple nuts are really gonna blow your rack you are probably inexperienced and don't have much gear. Don't get me wrong- this is not a personal attack on you. Clearly, you forgot your rope. For all I know you put up 5.14 multi pitch in your free time. Additionally- I lose an entire double rack out of sheer happenstance or what have you, I'm gonna get it back. I understand a certain "lost and found" mentality is realistic in the climbing community but just to illustrate my point think of climbing everest. Think of "theoretically" climbing it with siege tactics and establishing your ropes with a large team or teams. You don't go thinking about who's gear is who's, or which life-saving, essential tool belongs where. The same should go for all climbing gear. Bail situations happen. We should cope with them and take them in stride rather than telling other people where to find free gear. If I've offended anyone I sincerely apologize.
  2. I almost....almost ran out there to look for it.
  3. Size 11.5. I got them used but never used them. My friend did once up Rainier. No noticeable wear that is not cosmetic. I'm told they are very warm. Asking $160.00 for pickup or local delivery in Leavenworth. Or meet up in or near Seattle this weekend. Thanks.
  4. Hey there, Reforming narcissist looking for climbing/skiing/alpine partners in and around Leavenworth. No but really, lacking an abundance of readily available, similarly inclined individuals. Fitness is somewhat important, as is relevant experience. Have gear, car, local knowledge. 28, male, educated, many years of climbing and skiing experience. Good under pressure, eagle scout, M.A. Because to some people to matters, climb trad in the 10's, 11's can be pushing it. Alpine up to 10. Not too many limits in skiing, which I've been doing all my life.
  5. Let's cut the crap and talk about the tooth C-C PR's. No more beating around the bush.
  6. Yes Riley. Hiked up to the lake Tuesday. At the lake there's probably 2-3 inches of snow, more higher naturally. Might head up there and check out Colchuck NBC. I'll update.
  7. I have a pair of skis for sale if you're interested. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1116045#Post1116045
  8. I couldn't help but get nauseous reading your post. This kind of chest beating is what makes climbing not fun. Ya, I've done some myself, some justifiably and some not. Recently I climbed snow creek wall, in fact in september, and took like 10 hours because I am out of shape a bit and had to do all the leading. But I've climbed it like 6 times so who cares how fast I do it? It's about the experience. When I read your guys' obituary I am not going to be surprised. With that, I am going to pack up my gear for a solo in the enchantments.
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