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  1. 86ed

    many people found that offensive dumbass.
  2. 86ed

    Originally posted by avypoodle: no, all that fat makes your ass look big. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Greg W: Not seeing too much fat there. But a Braille inspection is necessary to make sure something tells me that that's not Trask's ass. btw, PAGE TOP!!! [ 07-10-2002, 04:32 PM: Message edited by: avypoodle ]
  3. 86ed

    no, all that fat makes your ass look big.
  4. Skiing the American Alps

    Chocolate, duh.
  5. TR: Cinderella East Ridge

    other route meaning Hamilton?
  6. TR: Cinderella East Ridge

    Did you go in via Hamilton or Baker Lake? Thanks for the TR, been wondering about this one for awhile.
  7. For Trask

    yeah, toproping 5.11 with the rope tied to his sack. that dude is...umm.... I don't really know the appropriate word.
  8. Doug Geeting Aviation Screws Climbers

    Jobe, pretty impatient, anyone else see the irony???
  9. i love bootie

    depends on cash flow....
  10. i love bootie

    neither can old pervs....
  11. girth pillar mt. stuart

    Hey Erik, don't you have a gun rally, world trade summit, etc.. to go to??? [ 06-27-2002, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: avypoodle ]
  12. girth pillar mt. stuart

    Sounds like a good time for a FA, all we would need is rotohammer and several days worth of batteries, plus aid arsonal for safe bolting. Or we could just climb some other route and rap bolt. I'll talk to my sponsors.
  13. Tales of Sandbagging

    that's not what I heard
  14. Nude Ascents

    I think we need photos for proof but do all of us dudes a favor a pixilate any schlongage