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      Huge thank you to Bellingham based The American Alpine Institute for being our sole sponsor, taking care of our hosting costs,  which is our biggest cost.  @Jason_Martin  of AAI reached out to me, and really wanted to support the forums.  They have supported us in the past,  and now stepped up to support us again.  They will be our sole sponsor for 6 months.   Big time, and they are a local climbing related company to boot!  
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Four Loko!

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I have had Four Loko (thanks Carla! Or is that no thanks, Carla?) and it was NAsty with a capital NA. I've also had Evil Eye ( evidence {somewhat}) and it was even worse, but then only had a swig of that swill.


I don't know that Evil Eye is sold anymore.


I've still got a can of Earthquake (12 percent alcohol malt beverage) in my fridge that Roper gave me like a year ago. I had one can already. NASty with a capital NAS.



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Carla is evil klenke! Evil I say! I never touched that evil eye crap though. But she ever so cleverly forced me to drink this stuff. It taste like shit but oh it works so well. hahaha. ;-)


first it was Joose...blahhhh


then the LOKO...ruhh rohhh


[img:left] thunderlakes,slippery slab towre and Thor's toys 050[/img]


carla is EVIL...;-)




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ok my links suck and I am clueless how to make them work. I guess too much loko...heh

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