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R.I.P. Dallas


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Yes, they have found hime...

Dallas was a great man of God, and an awesome climber! He will be missed. I only wish I had been able to climb with him more!


here is a bit about Dallas some of you may not know...


It would honor him if you took the time to read it, and consider what is said with an open heart!


God bless you Dallas.

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Yes, Dallas's body was found and recovered Thursday. There are plans being made for a memorial service. There is also plans being laid for a climbers event. It will probably be at Mt Erie which he was fond of as we all know, time and date still to be determined. I do not know yet if the service is family only or if it is a public invited thing. I am sure it can be posted up when that call is made.

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Bumping this up a bit to remind folks that the memorial is coming up this week.

Perhaps a posting of this info in the Events Forum would be appropriate.


Never had the honor of meeting Dallas, but he was known to me through his fame in the mountains and his helping hand to others, as described by the posts in this thread. R.I.P. Dallas.

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Thanks to all who attended the memorial service yesterday, I know I came away with a much better appreciation for the force of nature that was known as Dallas Kloke.


My personal favorite Dallas quote related at the service: A climbing partner once asked him what his secret to climbing longevity (50 yrs!) was....... "You either got it, or you don't."


Here's to you Dallas, I hope I got it! :brew:

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