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  1. Rockfest 2011 - Mazama, WA

    Anyone from Olympia or nearish going? I'd like to go, but might need to bum a ride. Can chip in for gas and I'm not looking to camp with ya or anything, just need the transportation. thanks PM me
  2. R.I.P. Dallas

    condolences to his family and friends
  3. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    sept it is then, thanks off white
  4. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    I'm interested in bumming a ride to the crag this wed if there's anyone in oly-town headed there. thanks!
  5. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    will do that. thanks!
  6. nice tr and post, thanks for the great pictures!
  7. wracked with envy awesome pics, thanks for posting!
  8. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    how was it? still haven't been there . I know it's higher grades out there, but would appreciate the chance to take a look and work up to 'em. Can I hitch a ride with someone next week (if it's on)? I'm in west oly, but can bike to meet up at some more central loc. I'm a total gear/outdoor newb. i'm in the super cool 20x2-something newb crowd. thess edit. getting a ride from zhanx. looking forward to it.
  9. Thank you P Larson

    If there is a P Larson on the forum here, I want to thank him for mailing me a pair of mythos (in amazing shape, new?), and a snazzy elvis chalkbag, for a broke-a$$ price to replace the ones that were swiped from my car. I was so bummed I wrote special curses for the prowler. My tennis shoes were fine when I didn't know any better, it sucked going back to them. thank you X 1000, at least
  10. Just need a day or 2 of dry-ish weather before i head over to Fossil Rock to check it out. Tieton'll have to wait a bit longer. Thanks all.
  11. Thank you much Drederek. I think I took a left onto Piessner last time and wasn't sure what to look for. I ended up at the road's end, near a huge gated gravel road. Your directions seem a bit simpler.
  12. hey ryanb, i'd love to get up to leavenworth. ugh, traffic congestion going north makes trips a lot longer. and travels along 12 are quick, despite well monitored speed traps. Carpooling north would be cool, but i'm not very strong/experienced yet and don't want to be a tagalong with peeps who are more winterized than i. so nearish, day hikeish, sleeping in the carish, shortish trips are good. I could also be completely off my rocker, and just need to suck it up until spring. all things considered, bald tires + lack of $ are limitations.
  13. Hey sobo, thanks for the very nice directions. I should'a quoted drederek on this one. I was asking for a pm on directions to Fossil Rock, which is where i didn't have much to go on when i ran into the no trespassing sign. I've got a fear of tickets. I already did. Go south on I-5 past Centralia and take Exit 68 for US 12. Drive east on US 12 over White Pass to the Dry Side. Moon Rocks parking area is at MP 180.5 and The Bend parking area is at MP 182.2 or so. There is a big metal Quonset hut at The Bend's parking area. There are no "acess roads" to worry about. The parking areas are right on the side of US 12. Just pull over and park it, then get out and walk across the bridge. But these are perfect, I was just checking out some trip reports around the net for more info, and you posted up just what i was looking for.