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The dangers on ice?


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damn good belay if I do say so myself, take in that slack!!


Agreed! And not my picture btw as was pointed out earlier. Obviously just a great photo :)


No one hurt so I guess you could call it a "safe" fall.

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And yes knowing how to fall is key


...to how well john knows how to fall on ice without getting hurt! Something that not many people can say can do


People can certainly know how not to fall, and fall better than others. But the fact is falling on ice is a game of chance and luck, and to claim some skill is specious

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Ya, right, "falling skills".


Mine are, if possible, a quick look down on both sides to see what I am going to hit on the way. It use to be a joke with my regular partners. "When he starts looking down real quickly, there isn't any warning past that, he is about to wing".


Then I would either make the next move or grease/blow off. Works great on smooth vertical or over hanging rock with good pro. With the pro as close as possible to your face :) Not always so good on differing terrain.

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Hell no my crew and NOLS are Hatfields and McCoys.


And, ahem, guess there is a cave. :blush:


Well I'm wearing sweatpants, at home and loving it!


You had to do it....my Great Grandparents were the McCoys...and my Great Grandpa started McCoy Plumbing in Portland....don't bring my family into this petty online forum.... :battlecage::yoda::crazy:

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I did Borgeau Left this year a few days before it fell. I was a little hesitant to start up the thing while looking up it at the base...once I was half way up, I was certain I did not want to be where I was, no good gear = no way to bail. So I just used my superduper-altrastealth-ninjakungfu delicate climbing skills to get to the anchors. My buddy who followed literally crapped his pants, bent his picks(BD you cheap pick making sons of bitches), and started crying and praying to god at the same time.


Now that's not really a story I'm all that proud of telling. I will be using better judgement in the future.

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