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  1. Found sling with gear at Index

    Sounded like a full rack in the index parking lot. I have yet to see someone leave a large rack they don't plan to go back and get. If you get no response here, I think you should go back and hang it up exactly where you found it. If they aren't Internet goers, they will be back for it and it wont be there. Full racks and fixed ropes should be left alone at index. Just my humble opinion. I can't help but imagine the poor owner. Best of luck finding the owner. Kind regards, Pat Sullivan
  2. Great trip up the wall with everyone chatting and having a blast all the way up. I definetly want to thank Eric and you for the nice profile shot you took of me on Golden Road(those are always the best)!!! Dave, great job on the sending Heaven's Gate! I was very happy to see your proud work! Eric, that was an amazing onsight of the spicy pitch on Wildest Dreams. Well done my friend....well done:) All the best, Pat
  3. Mercy Me to the Split Pillar

    Yo John, Do Cruel Shoes, Grand Wall, Roman Chimney finish. Be sure to hit the 11D roof crack variation on Roman Chimneys. Great outing. This might even be better than Freeway....surely a lot more pitches and milage.
  4. FS: Black Diamond Camalots for sale - huge rack

    For those prices!!! I'd rather spend a few extra dollars and get something I know to be brand new. As a general rule of thumb.... used gear, no matter how unused, sells for 33% of retail. Anyone who can afford to pay 80% of retail can afford to pay new and have the peace of mind that they will live when they fall.
  5. RIP Robert Andrew Prosser...

    There will be a celebration of Bob's life this Saturday from 1:30-4:30 at the Mountaineers in Seattle. If you knew him, feel free to come.
  6. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs Ski 1/6/2013

    You're a badass John! Nice work.
  7. free 70m rope available! (on prussik peak)

    Hey telemarker. If you go get this rope for me I'll give you $100. I'll chop it in half and use as two gym ropes
  8. Rookie Stripes

    REEEAAALLY scrubbed and ready to go. Just be happy these climbs are getting consistant traffic. At Index, no traffic, means dirty as hell.
  9. Rookie Stripes

    It's a dry spell curse. I don't think that ticks are a big deal...it's something you have to deal with. Did Mikey Shaeffer rap Technicians of the Sacred and scrub all his ticks after the impressive redpoint??? Probably not, and I don't blame him. Honestly...I'm looking forward to having such an impossible to onsight, and hard to redpoint route cleaned, ticked, and ready to go:)
  10. Rookie Stripes

    All the popular moderate stuff like shirley, jap gardens, etc, get all chalked up this time of year after a long dry spell like this. Go do Swim, technicians of the sacred, bobcat cringe, clay. Guess all I'm saying is get away from the lower wall and the country, and you might get the advanture you're looking for. If you want to climb the lower wall at the end of the summer, you're going to have to deal with a lot of top rope tough guys hanging from their rope and tick tick tick. It's lame, but that's just a fact of life.
  11. Leavenworth Poison Ivy/Oak??

    We should get rid of that stuff ASAP. Even herbicide that shit! Some people are very alergic to it and can go into Anaphylaxis shock.
  12. Strong work Johnny boy!!!!!
  13. Mt. Baker

    We were thinking about climbing it mid-August. Can anyone tell me when the Coleman Headwall gets in good shape? Mucho thanks to everyone who reads this or posts any beta
  14. sunglasses snow creek wall

    left them at the scramble start of orbit last sat. Will pay kindly for their return. Thanks
  15. Snow Creek Wall

    Anybody have any info or photo's on the amount of snow and climbability on SCW, as well as L-worth in general. Thanks.
  16. [TR] Banff - Weeping Wall/Curtin Call 4/6/2012

    Great TR. Moral of the story....never buy alcohol in CA. Bring a lot of it from the US.
  17. Pandome

    Has anyone seen if it has survived the warm spell last week? PHoto's....snowboarders passing by and looking up?
  18. Pandome

    Thank you.
  19. #3 Big Bro on Prusik

    sorry...but if you leave gear in the mountains, or even snow creek wall for that matter, all bets are off. best of luck getting it back...cheers
  20. Nason Ridge topo?

    I think Nason is perfect without a topo...it keeps the wanker effect pretty low.
  21. Nason Creek info wanted

    From the rest stop on Highway 2, head west about 2.1-2.2 miles and park next to a cluster of mailboxes on the north side of the highway. The trail starts right behind the mailboxes, north of highway 2, and 3 feet east of a driveway. The trail parallels the driveway ON THE NORTH-EAST side of it. STAY OFF THE DRIVEWAY-as that is private property. Climb some of the best and most overhung sport routes in Washington. You won't miss the overhanging caves with a 10-20 minute approach. Have fun.
  22. First person to call is first to get them. Their yours if you want them Lodestone. Just call me. I was going to post them "FOR SALE" and saw this WTB post as I logged on. Still up for grabs, and I'll throw one more in. Call it 16 for $25. I still want to replace a bad bolt on Clay and a few other climbs, so I am keep a few.
  23. I've got 15 NEW Climb Axe SS bolt hangers that I'd part with for $25. Call me, as I don't check this site or the email registered with this site hardly ever. I'm on the eastside and frequent the vertical worlds. 425seven three six7818 Pat
  24. Leavenworth ice update

    I was pretty excited to get on The Drip!!! It looked amazing on the spproach, but upon closer look, it wasn't something you'd even want to TR. You'd be totally hypothermic half way up the thing. I guess they call it the "The Drip" for a reason. I'm done hunting the elusive WA ice, and going to be leaving the state a lot this winter for the REAL stuff. You know, the solid stuff in every state other than Washington. Although I'd have to say the Strobach is looking like it might be worth a try. Rainbow and Careno were dry. but a little aerated and chandeliered. Probably coming down with the rain right now:((
  25. Leavenworth ice update

    Oh....and I'm all for the climbers climbing Rainbow Falls and sewing it up. Way to push yourselves!!!! Keep up the good work and ingore the arm chair duchebags on this site who like to talk shit. If they're talking shit, it's probably because they have a low self esteem and need to talk others down to make themselves feel better.......LMAO