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Need a pack with lumber support that is around 32L


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I cannot find a pack that has a lumber support that is around 32liters. anyone have any ideas? I had the Black Diamond Jackel but it fell apart after a few years and BD send instead the Sphinx which does not have lumber, like most packs these days. I can wear the Spinix in the winter when the weight is light, but start carrying the rock rack and the pack slowly slips down my back onto the tail bone. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Nicole,


Gregory packs are made well and are known for more lumbar support. While it's hard to find a really supportive 30-35 litre pack, the Jade 35 is pretty solid, and is sold in many stores around the NW. Go to the Gregory website to check it out (http://www.gregorypacks.com/products/womens/technical/36/jade-35). Except for the comment about the water bottles, ignore the first user review at the REI site (http://www.rei.com/product/773933). Pack retails for $140.





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My 2 cents: I have a bad back too and I used Gregory for a bit. They do have a stiff suspension system, but I found them way too heavy. I really like my Cilo Gear 30 liter. It just hold weight really well, it's really light, and it just sucks to my back. I have never had a pack that holds weight as well and moves with me so well. Pretty good price too.

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You are bound to get a load of unhelpful replies on here, and at best you are just going to get people stating that pack X is better than pack Y.


You would be better suited finding a good packfitter who can identify your problems and needs.


It SOUNDS like you are looking for a 32L pack that has either aluminum stays or a stiff plastic framesheet, rather than just foam for structure.


As the more expensive frame designs are typically reserved for larger loads (45L and upward, you may find difficulty in your search.


Gregory, Arcteryx, and Dana/Mystery Ranch all are very well known for their well designed frame systems, although in the 32L size you may be looking at just Foam. Osprey and Lowe also have some frame designs that dont work for everyone, but if you are having problems fitting, these may be your solution.


Personally, I have always been amazed at BD's customer service. I would suggest giving them a call and explaining your problem. They may offer a fix, or have a good recommendation for another companies backpack

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