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  1. I bought it, never made it out on the rock with this rope. Below is a description... It is brand new and unused. Stored clean and dry of course. As you can see in the photos it is still wound in the factory plastic straps. I live in Shoreline and work in Sodo (M-F). $150 obo PM me or shoot me an email eplana at gmail From Mammut... "The 9.8 Tusk is the proven classic in the Mammut® rope collection, suitable for a wide spectrum of applications: From intensive sessions in the climbing gym to work-out climbs or tough sport climbing routes, thanks to the superDRY™ treatment the 9.8 Tusk offers outstanding performance on all kinds of terrain. This all-rounder is also extremely durable and comfortable to handle."
  2. Mammut Tusk 9.8 x 60m Yellow - New & Unused -$150

    Bump. Price adjustment.
  3. Not too shabby. $25 for $50 worth stuff @ Second Ascent... Living Social Deal - Second Ascent in Ballard
  4. You, back in the day

    Me and the sis, rockin the 80's attire
  5. Current Conditions on Mt. Adams?

    FYI: As of today the road is blocked 7 miles out.
  6. Trying to move out to Seattle.

    Don't know if any are hiring.. but it always seem the there's a revolving door for employees at those places... Right off the top of my head there is: Stone Gardens (Seattle) Vertical World (Several Locations all over the Puget Sound area) Edgeworks (Tacoma)
  7. [TR] mt baker - seracs 8/29/2010

    They way I read you pic with the shark was great. The bottom part of the screen was cut off, I read your little description and then scrolled down.. hah.
  8. Mountaineering Boot Fit Question

    Single use? If so rent some. Much better way to go and you can get some that fit better than the hassle of trying on and mailing back a million times.
  9. Alpental this is not...

    http://espn.go.com/action/freeskiing/news/story?id=5382317 http://fredrikericsson.com/ I dunno if this is a repost or not, but well.. these dudes are nuts.
  10. I can't make it. My wife asked me to take her car camping and I'm trying to ease her into tougher things.. So these two tickets gotta go. First one to reply to me with an email addy gets them. Showing is 7pm at Seattle Center. ---------------------------------------------------- The North Face and REI special screening of National Geographic's The Wildest Dream on Friday, July 16th. The movie will be followed by Q & A with Conrad Anker. http://www.thewildestdream.com/ from the website "In 1999, renowned American mountaineer Conrad Anker made a discovery that reverberated around the globe. High in Mount Everests death zone, he found the body of George Mallory75 years after the British explorer mysteriously vanished during his attempt to become the first man to summit the worlds tallest peak. Mallory had risked everything as he set out, dressed in gabardine and hobnailed boots, in pursuit of his dream of reaching the top of Everest, which in 1924 was the last great adventure left to man. He was last spotted alive just 800 feet below the summit. Then the clouds rolled in and Mallory vanished into legend. After discovering his body, Conrad Ankers life became intertwined with Mallorys story. Remarkably, Mallorys body was found with all his belongings intact. The only thing missing was a photograph of Ruth, which Mallory had promised to place on the summit. Haunted by Mallory's story, Conrad longed to return to Everest to lay Mallorys ghost to rest. Directed by Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker Anthony Geffen, narrated by Academy Award® nominee Liam Neeson and featuring the voices of Oscar® nominee Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Hugh Dancy and Alan Rickman, The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest is a breathtaking mountaineering adventure that seeks to answer the enduring mysteries surrounding George Mallorys death on Mount Everest. Foremost among them: Could Mallory have succeeded in reaching the summit before he and fellow climber Andrew Sandy Irvine disappeared in 1924? In the quest for answers, Anker finally returns to Everest in 2007 with British climbing prodigy Leo Houlding, replicating as closely as possible Mallorys ill-fated expedition. The men retrace the North East Ridge Route, even removing the ladder from the infamous Second Step to free climb this dangerous 90-foot sheer rock wall just as Mallory and Irvine would have had to do 83 years earlier. Far more than a film about mountain climbing, The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest tells the remarkable story of George Mallory, whose famous reply to a reporters question about his reason for wanting to climb Everest (Because its there) has inspired generations of adventurers. Mallory was a passionate and complex man, torn between two overwhelming and competing loves: his wife and the mountain that ultimately took his life. Told through the poignant and evocative letters between Mallory and his beloved Ruth, the film combines previously unseen archival photos, specially restored film footage and dramatization with the present-day story of Ankers expedition to tell the tale of the quest to conquer Everest and the compelling longing for home. In this, Ankers story parallels Mallorys in a tale of obsession as relevant today as it was in 1924"
  11. The Wildest Dream - Free Tickets Tonight Only

    Dennyt, No problem. sobo, I'll have to read it.
  12. The Wildest Dream - Free Tickets Tonight Only

    Gone to "dennyt"... Thanks enjoy the movie.
  13. Climbing Mt Olympus

    Pretty much everybody is going to tell you to go the Hoh River approach. It's long but easy... check out the summitpost.com page and the Olympic forum here for more beta and such.
  14. Mt. Adams and Mt. Baker

    I'm interested in partnering.
  15. Anybody want to go up Easton at Baker?

    Sorry dude, don't ski. =\
  16. Anybody want to go up Easton at Baker?

    fixed You got me all excited. I thought somebody wanted to partner up.
  17. Shasta

    Anybody want to go up Shasta maybe Castle Crags? Weekdays Wed-Fri work for me
  18. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Sulphide Glacier 4/18/2010

    I'm heading there, Memorial Day week or weekend. It's gonna be a zoo. Can't wait.
  19. Driving from Seattle to Red Rox

    Have fun, I go to Vegas every couple months and the Seattle to Twin Falls then South is a great way to go. It does get a little remote. Have fun. I'll be there in April. The picture in my avatar is actually me at Redrock.. ha
  20. I'm free Thurs, Fri & Sats.