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I decided to clean out my garage the other day and found out if I move some shelves, workbench, and the beer fridge [big Drink] , I would have a great spot for an indoor climbing wall. So my question is does anyone know any good books or web sites that would have info on designing them. Any help would be greatly appreciatted.

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There's a small paperback from Chockstone Press/Falcon Guides called How to Build an Indoor Climbing Wall or something like that. I bought it before building a back yard play house for my kids, because I wanted at least two of the walls to be sturdy enough support holds and climbers. It's definitely worth buying the book if you plan to build anything. The most basic info you need for framing is to use 2 x 6's instead of 2 x 4's, and 3/4 inch plywood instead of 5/8 inch. If you plan to make any unusual shapes, the book has lots more detail about how to make sure the framing is beefy enough. Good luck! [Cool]

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I just put up a wall in my living room last month. I used "Home Climbing Gyms, How to Build and Use" by Randy Leavitt. Some ideas were good, some not, but it did help.

I used 2x8's and 3/4 inch plywood. I do still need more holds, which I'll probably get from Metolius Otherwise I plan on gluing dried horsecock all over the plywood. [HORSECOCK][Confused]

Let me know if you want any or have any ideas.



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Everyone else has answered the question, I'd just give a piece of advice - seek out as many people who have built gyms, look at their gyms and ask what they do or don't like about the ones they've made.


Getting the right design, angle, etc. is way important for making your home gym a place you are truly psyched to work out in.




I've got one, your welcome to start with me if you like.

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yeah then go over to drews' (mr jones that is) and check his out, he only has about 5 holds on it. but damn the wall is there. there are some killer places to cram your foot in and hang upside down though. [big Grin]


sorry drew baby,you have the killer set up though. the best part about his place is that he gets to work and climb at the same freaking time. damn him. [Mad][big Drink]

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