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  1. What Kind Of Car Do Real Mountaineers/Climbers Have?

    ok i know i am wayyyyy late on this one, but i have me a 93 bronco - takes me anywhere, in awesome shape. if anyone is interested pm me - i'm going to be selling it off here soon - want to get something with 4 doorz.
  2. Women are heat sinks

    Nope but been to a Red Lion and slept on the floor. I know where you think you are going with this trask....... "nope - not .... gonna do it". but i'm willing to bet money that you've spent time at more places than just the holiday inn........
  3. Women are heat sinks

    Allison - when you are talking about a draft..... is that because you are messing with 2 different bags or zipping together acouple? i found that when i zipped 2 mummys together (you get a left and a right) it was all nice at first because you have two seperate heating spots for your feet... but needless to say my boyfriend at the time was all warm and toasty.... i was way beyond kentucky fried! heat was NOT a problem.
  4. rope up this 8=D

    yeah i've experenced the chasing the shade part - that sucks i guess there never is perfect. well i guess there is.... just doesn't last tooooooo long. we will definatley have to plan a weekend to experence some war wounds together, there's nothin like bonding (not bondage mind you). anyhooooooooo... i'm gonna head out and chill with a fine book on avalance terrain and how to show someone how to dig you out while in training. hope you have a great weekend! get out and climb something, even if it is the fire escape. (just not the REI rock.... please don't do that - that would be a cold day in hell) lata skata.. krazy
  5. rope up this 8=D

    think i just hung myself there - not that i wear mittens while climbing.......... that would be a little difficult
  6. rope up this 8=D

    sweet on da weatha... shootz on the date! that's the weekend i'm doin helens. . . . . . so what exactly is cold? are we talking snow gear with no snow cold or just sweatshirt/fleece and mittens while climbin kinda cold.
  7. rope up this 8=D

    uaa let me see..... i'm finally out of my cast so i went and rode my bike, climbed a little, now i hurt a little. SO I'M DOIN PRETTY GOOD! i'm headin to NYC here in a week then when i get back heading up to do a little crap climbing on st helens...... i need to make it down to smith again. since i've only been there limited number o times, help me here - is the weather pretty good all year or what.
  8. rope up this 8=D

    ohh you guys are krazy... this is really sad. we should all be sitting around the campfire right now tossing back a cold one showing each other are days war wounds... this sucks. muff hows it goin? are you going to get out there and climb a little snow with us this winter...? wow - just jump in and lookie me i'm on top page [ 10-19-2002, 08:05 PM: Message edited by: krazy 1 ]
  9. Trillium!!!

    ok i'm there.....
  10. Trillium!!!

    hey E-rock why aren't you there?
  11. broken bones

    Whaaahooooo! and I'm back in the game! cast is off! now that all the weather sucks and rocks are rained on and moss is growning nicely along with everyone that is suffering from summer burn-out. . . . . . . . . . nice and easy.......... here we go -
  12. Ski Psychage

    that is sooooo freaking awesome! right on!
  13. Ski Psychage

    yep thats the guy! you gotta love that man... last year his mo-hawk was a great crazy-ass blue. what i wanna know is ... if he falls on it, does it poke him in the head?
  14. Ski Psychage

    in fact you asses.... I met Glenn last year at Warren.......... Warren is great for psychage even if you don't think so. tiz a ritual (eventhough the shows have taken a little dive since his son is doing them) but damnit its a ritual!
  15. Ski Psychage

    and died! that is freaking awesome... what's the big idea getting us all wired on skiing when there is no snow....... this is not fair. bad enough warren miller is here in a few weeks. just want to say a big THANKS to all sharing in this subject...