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  1. [TR] Pinnacle Peak- East Ridge 12/18/2004

    If there is no new snow and the roads aren't icy, the Longmire gate may open early. If they say it opens at 9am and it opens early this is probably why. What exactly did they say on the phone? Also, is the park actually closed or is the gate just closed between 9am and 6pm? The difference being You can still drive in/through the park anywhere a gate is not locked. Gates being locked for reasons based on driving conditions.
  2. speaking of burgers...

    Fat Smittys, on way to Sequim. Good eatin'. Smitty Burger is gigantic. Don't even try to eat it on the road.
  3. Salomon Pocket Rockets

    I am looking into getting some pocket rockets. A friend of mine mentioned a possible problem with getting skins to fit properly around the tips. Any experience/wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Pentagon 9/11 - Film

    Evidence you present me, leave many hole friend.
  5. Need some advice

    Better scenery with just a little hike. Mt Baker Ski Area, Artist Point. Hurricane Ridge.
  6. Pentagon 9/11 - Film

    Heard a few people talk about this on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell/George Noory. It is quite the touchy subject. Seems like the truth is in the closet though. Same might be said about what went on in New York also.
  7. sierra winter

    7 if you count tomorrow
  8. MRNP Gate Hours in the fall

    $10 per car
  9. Questions about Camp Muir-going 11/19/2004

    Went up skiing today. A lot less snow then when I went up after that late october storm. Rocks everywhere. This could help with navigation. Managed to dodge most. Skinned up from parking lot. A good soft 3" on top of a firm base from lot to just below Panorama Point. Here it got pretty wind packed. Turned around just past Pebble Creek ~7500 because of hardpacked snow and ice patches. Saw a few wands around this area. Skied to within couple hundred feet of park lot. The sun was out the skiing fun once below Pan Point. Life is good. And getting better. The snow report is calling for new snow. Possible four inches tomorrow, and five more by Friday. With increasingly lowering freezing levels. Possible 1000ft by Friday. That means snowshoes to Muir very good idea, not too fun without. Plus visibility might be an issue as well as the drive up pretty interesting. They are closing the gate at 6pm and if they get the snow they are predicting with the lowering freezing levels probably wont open the gate early. You won't be getting that 7ish start. Might not be the best day for Muir but would be a good learning experience. Might see you up there. Will most likely be going up if the forecast holds. Thinking of Mazama Ridge rather then Pan Point/Muir Snowfeild area though.
  10. Discuss....

  11. Salomon Pocket Rockets

    No worries. Always feel free to spray all over my threads.
  12. Salomon Pocket Rockets

    Because they are DPS's and you want to get him back for not contributing to your thread.
  13. Hi, litle help needed

    I got also got a free car, but the anal probe is gona' cost ya.
  14. Questions about Camp Muir-going 11/19/2004

    call 360.569.2211 for road and weather conditions today they said snow above ~5500 down to possible ~3000 on thursday Snowshoes might help. Crampons should be unecessary. They do close the gate in the evening. They have some maps(not good ones) with compass coordinates at the entrance. I might check it out tomorrow, so check back for more info tomorrow night possibly.
  15. Hate November?

    Love November -Skin of a hot turkey -Rain -Snow -Constant hard on due to excitement from preseason ski jitters -Football season -Work starts to slow down, more down time=more mountain time
  16. Sinking Feeling

    Does this have anything to do with Colin leaving the Cabinet.

    RUMR aka Snafflebutt Have I mentioned lately that you avatar looks more like pink snaffle more then an ass.
  18. How was the snow coverage? Where did it start?
  19. Post Election Whining STFU

    Might mean that. Amongst other things. ex. Could mean that Bush did a lot of this: Could mean that we are a country full of: The reps won without a halfway decent candidate, so why not the dems. You are right though. In fact I make it a challenge for both parties to actually present us with a halfway decent candidate next time. Fat chance. I expect more of say this:
  20. An Ironic and Fearful election

    I don't think they are shitting on people for faith in God. I think they are dissin' people for bringing "their" god into everyone's life. Does seperation of church and state mean anything to you? The founders of our nation were clear about constructing a wall between organized religion and politics. I agree with this. What do you think? It scares me when I hear this: "The president would say that he relied on his ''gut'' or his ''instinct'' to guide the ship of state, and then he ''prayed over it.''" I was hoping not to have to listen to crap like this for four more years. Yes, it would not have took too long before we realised Kerry was a fake, a crook, maybe just a tad better then the guy we have in office. There was not much choice at all. I vote libertarian. Not because I am one, but because they are closest to what I beleive made this country the great country that is "was". Beleive what you will, but please don't be a pusher. Revolution, who's wit me.
  21. Crags and Sport Routes

    Where exactly is this area located?
  22. antitobacco prejudice

    Why stop at smoking though? There is still plenty of shit that is going into the air we breath. Automobiles, factories. So, Yes, you ARE a piece of shit if you think that it's OK to subject me to exposure to these chemicals against my will.
  23. yet another state tax on the poor

    Read the thread. It said he got pulled over because they ran his plates and the car was owned by someone with a suspended licence. Guess I don't have to read the thread now do I. Thanks
  24. yet another state tax on the poor

    I don't really feel sorry for you if you got pulled over for speeding. When you don't have insurance you have to be careful. i.e. speeding, useing blicker, makinge sure light are working. Why did you get pulled over?
  25. Noise at Vantage

    Last year some friends and I were at the campground. Some joker apparently (I can't say I heard a thing because I can sleep through anything) was lighting off fireworks late into the night. Some guy decides to yell him. "Hey could you please quiet down" Dude responds. "You want some more" There was more. Gotta say though, I expect the noise. I have camped further down the road to get away from the people.