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  1. If anyone is heading up to Snoqualmie Pass Tuesday morning I would appreciate a ride. I'm a PCT thru-hiker resupplying in Seattle. Get me back to the trail, PLEASE! I'm in Fremont. Thanks, Drew
  2. We're headed up to hike to muir on Saturday for training run, but we'll arrive at the park very late Friday night. Anyone know a good free spot outside the park where we can sleep in my van, or will I get busted? I know there are campgrounds nearby, but trying to save $$. Thanks, Drew
  3. thanks guys. That's what I needed. Drew
  4. Headed to south brother this Friday the 9th. The two of us are planning a one day ascent, so I'm wondering if we can do without snowshoes, rope, crampons. Any recent beta would be appreciated. Thanks, Drew
  5. Thanks everyone. That was helpful. Now if you could all donate $1000 apiece I'll be off to a great start!
  6. Anyone know exactly what type of insurance a guiding company and its guides are legally required to carry? Or where I can find the information? Thanks, Drew
  7. Awesome pics!! I'll be ascending/descending via the sulphide route next month with tele gear for as much as possible. How was the summit pyramid? Any need for running belays? And do you think tools will be necessary? Thanks, Drew
  8. We're planning a winter ascent of Shuksan 3rd week of February. Anyone been up there recently? What's the best approach/summit route that can be done with tele gear? Thanks, Drew
  9. yah E-rock, that's the place. I found the route in a book called Canyoneering 3. Freeclimb, my TR will be in the form of a video. We're planning on recording as much as possible then editing it down to the most exciting parts, like when we all cut our arms off with pocketknives. We may eat the dismembered arms to one-up that other dude. Thanks for the beta. Drew
  10. I'm heading to Box Death Hollow in southern Utah on June 6th. According to the ranger, only about one party per year attempts this route, as it's the hardest of it's kind in the region, but I'm hoping some of you hardmen or women has some beta for me. Specifically about bringing a wetsuit. 90% of the route is in water and the ranger recommended wetsuits to battle hypothermia, regardless of the air temperature. Has anyone done this with or without the suit?? What time of year did you go, and how long did the route take you? Thanks Drew
  11. These Axes have never been used on ice. One was used once as a spare glacier axe. One has a BD Robo leash, the other has the original Charlet Moser leash. I live in Seattle, so come check them out. PM or call me! Drew 206-568-8147
  12. Mark, Let me know if you haven't sold the holds in the next couple months. I would be interested in all of them. Just don't have the $$ right now, unless you'd be interested in trading for a pair of Charlet Moser Axars. Never been used, except one was used as a glacier axe one time when my partner forgot his. Drew
  13. Great beta everyone! And DFA especially for the beer suggestion - Like I would forget one of the 10 essentials. As we get closer to departure I may take some of you up on the offer for more info. Drew
  14. My buddy and I are heading to southern Utah in late may for 10 days. We're looking for a trip that includes hiking, canyoneering/climbing, good camping, etc... Basically an adventure race type of expedition. Anyone have suggestions?? The more extreme the better. Drew
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