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  1. this weekend (april 30 - may 2) looks like it's going to be quite nice; 70's and sunny. anyone out there interested in a tum tum boldering/climbing/camping/early cinco de mayo throwdown? for those not familiar, tum tum is about 20 minutes west of spokane in a scenic area just off the spokane river. tons of granite, some of which is super pure, recently-cooked white goodness. i might even buy the first pony keg, or case or two, or half gallon of tequila. don't check the forum lots... so email to: micah_lauer@hotmail.com
  2. Fall at Frenchman Coulee--

    dude, this fucking sucks. first, my condolences to robert's family. secondly, kudos to those involved who went above and beyond to give him the most optimal chance possible at surviving. shitty...
  3. State Of The Union

    now that's a man hard AT WORK!
  4. Banks Lk

    if you're into such things, bouldering in the banks lake area is superb. lots and lots of boulders... northrop canyon and above the boat launch at steamboat rock state park are two obvious and good places to start.
  5. tips for lowquality pass

    It's called freezing rain. I've seen it rain when it's -10*C. no shit... rain at 28 degrees F and snow at 46 degrees F. it happens.
  6. Found on the freeway today:

    outkast is good. give them a listen. i nearly hit a stack of 4 king-size matresses covered with a blue tarp on a narrow section of I-90 in spokane this weekend...
  7. anybody shave their head?

    bald is beautiful...
  8. we'll be skiing next week

    you could drive to lookout pass on I-90 on the ID/MT border. a couple runs and a lift open tomorrow...

    that's friggin' great! ha!
  10. shaken not stirred?

    if you don't use vermouth, why not alleviate the confusion and just ask the bartender for some cold gin with an olive. oh... because that's not as 'sophisticated' as asking for a martini!
  11. American pika doomed

    bad news for everywhere...
  12. GW in the hizzouse

    of course! because the big, healthy trees that timber companies want are the problem, not the brush and undergrowth built up by years of fire suppression? bush = for forests
  13. Rockin Weekend!

    friday - hung over, slept half the day, felt better later on, drank some beer saturday - hung out with my wife, watched some movies, drank a half rack of icehouse and a couple micros sunday - bouldered, put up 2 new problems, gave my liver a break i've gone bouldering a few times this week and put up 3 more new problems to make up for my laziness last weekend.
  14. Vomit on ropes

  15. Mont Blanc Closed Due To Global Warming

    i got drunk and hoped that at least some new yorkers were smart enough to grab a blanket and a bottle or two of wine and lay out in central park, reveling in the fact that stars were actually visible from manhattan for once...