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  1. If you are looking for a big ass pack that can haul heavy loads and still be comfortable, check out McHales. They are a little more money but they are custom built and you'll never need another pack. My buddy has one and carries monster loads on long trips and never has a problem. I like my Gregory but it does have too many bells and whistles.
  2. Still looking for a climbing partner for tomorrow. Maybe Vantage or Carbon Glacier so I can try my new tools. PM me.
  3. Anybody up for some climbing on Friday? MAybe Vantage or if there is any ice out there I'd like to try out my new tools. PM me.
  4. I took the class a couple of years ago. I would recomend taking his class if you can.
  5. Does anyone know where the best place to make a few turns would be? I heard the Russell Glacier might still be in good shape. Any first hand knowledge would be great since I haven't been able to get my fat ass out there to check things out this year.
  6. I have an eleven year old who loves climb to climb but currently uses mountaineering boots or sneakers cause I'm to cheap to drop $100 on a pair of shoes that would last a year. How about having a Jr. CC Day at a local crag or Marymoor with a gear swap for the little ones.
  7. I have a Sony TRV-27 and I've made some cool looking vids. I keep batteries on the inner layer of clothing to keep the cold from draining them.
  8. I'd take a short drive south to The Mountain Shop in Portland. From my experience they know what they're talkin about. None of this "I work in agear shop I'm god" attitude. I'm sure one of the CC'ers in PDX could get you the phone number and you could call and see if they have what you're looking for. Plus no tax and some great drinking facilities.
  9. I have a chance to buy a new pair of x-15's (they are acouple of years old) with bent grips for $170. My question, is this a decent price. I don't do much ice but hoping to do more and not having to borrow tools would be nice. Any info greatly appreciated.
  10. I went with Aaron1 to Bailey and it was great. Over 20,000 vertical, all fresh tracks. If you do go ask for Neil to be your guide. Let your guides know what you expect. If I had an extra two bills I'd go again.
  11. I use an 8mm rope with 5mm prusiks. If you go bigger on the prussiks you don't get a very good bite on the rope.
  12. I have a pair of regular boots for the days I get robbed by the local ski areas but wear my plastics when doing any backcountry involving climbing or long approaches. Plastics seem to work just as well as my snowboard boots on steep technical stuff.
  13. NO bottles. Fresh draft out of keg.
  14. Another way to get around the firearms issue is a blowgun. Keeps the snaffles out of my strawberries. As far as cooking them there is a book called "Gorp, Glop, and Glue Stew" kind of a mountaineers cook book that has a section on rodents. MMMM snaffles
  15. Thanks for all the great info. I think I'll save a ton of money by using the dried horsecock.
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