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Good Habbits for a Long Career


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Yah. It's getting a little Desiderata-like around here:

*Write a book, nay, two books; beautiful alpine books that will appear within six months in piles at Half-Price books.

*Wear wool pants so you can blame the stench of the wet fabric when you pass your perpetual gas in front of the ladies you're trying to charm in your li'l gray elf-pants.

*Always check your partner...for testicular tortion.

*Savor the wind and snuggle with the sage...thrown in with that picnic table, that you are burning, because you are too cheap to buy firewood.

*Take time to tell your climbing partner that he's special because he's climbing with you.

*Rope up with care, for we are there, and do not stare, as I bare, my buttocks to the air, and relieve myself, on your Crazy Creek chair. (Ya like that last one, pope?)

[laf][big Drink][Wazzup][hell no]

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Know your knots and be able to tie them in the dark! My buddy and I once spent 20 minutes at the end of a free-hanging rap trying to figure out how to tie an equalized knot, with our last piece of webbing, to two hangers at a full-on hanging belay , in the dark. Ended up tying an American Death Triangle just to get the hell outta there! shocked.gif" border="0

Don't forget water, too (we were seriously dehydrated and stumbly - probably didn't help much either). [hell no]

[ 01-22-2002: Message edited by: sobo ]

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