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steep and cheap $1 deals


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Steep and Cheap has been offering $1 deals for the past week+.

prior listings as of oct 1: Dollar Listings since Oct 1st

They go extremely, extremely fast. You have to be ready. Your CC has to be saved on file and you have to have your shipping options set and be ready to quickly enter your password to 'affirm' your saved on file CC #. Having it in the cart = nothing. checking out is where its at.



Not everything is for climbing but the following are:

Kayland Apex Trek Mountaineering boots

Westcomb Chimera Jacket IL

Marmot Alpinist Jacket



all for a dollar. I managed to pick up the Marmot Alpinist Jacket for $7.51 with shipping. I've also gotten a handful of other incredible deals.


good luck!

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violence? Plus SAC is using a pretty ingenious business model on these dollar deals. Limited quantities for a dollar. So they lost say $2500 on 9 marmot alpinist coats (not sure what price they get from the manufacturers) sold for $1. The $1 deals are always low quantity.


However...they managed to get 12,000 people on their site and after the $1 sale ends the put up a 400 count of princton tec headlamp for $18 + 6~9 shipping. That batch of 400 headlamps sold out! Its pretty smart I think



i changed my outfit but I'm still icy hot!

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