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Bristol and baby


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“Everyone should be abstinent, but it’s just not realistic at all,” she said, adding that among people her age, “it’s more and more accepted now.” But though she said she hoped her story would help change that acceptance, she did not advocate the use of contraception or go into greater detail as to how to prevent teen pregnancy.



Love knows no logic.

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Saw the "interview" on the webs this morning. Sarah totally hijacked the interview, putting words in Bristol's mouth, nattering away incoherently, as usual. Bristol's hatred for the harpy was blatantly obvious from the looks on her face. Multiple cuts to picture of Tripp with big brother Trig. Tile (the baby daddy) was "at work". Bristol was unable to say doing what. The First Dude and the Meth Cookin' Granny were not present.

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