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FRED BECKEY "TRIBUTE BOOK"; Submissions Request


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Dear Climbing Friend,




FRED BECKEY’S Birthday is coming up …..and in anticipation of this celebration, we are creating a gift for him from the world-wide-climbing community……


We are asking for your written contributions for a "Tribute Book" : a collaborative gift from anyone who has known Fred, climbed with Fred, or experienced mountain-life or trail life with Fred ….


Your one-to-three pages of storied experiences with Fred - in your own words - your thoughts, encounters, risks, incidents, transportation failures, food-gaffs, weather dangers, trail perils and reflections will all be bound up for him in a book for his reading ….

The writings and reflections of you and other climbers from around the globe that have spent time in his company and have become acquainted with him on any level will be a book that we know he will treasure.


We anticipate that some of these memories will be funny, sad, historical, sentimental, anecdotal, factual (fiction even??), etc. But we are looking forward to including all of them and presenting them in a bound book to him, from you, from us.



TO mbondpauli@hotmail.com.

Be sure to include your FULL NAME and a telephone number.


Please also forward this request for stories to all those you feel would want to contribute their experiences to this labor of love.


Thank you in advance for the generosity of your memories.

Megan Bond and Alex Bertulis





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maybe someone can help fill in my don't knows.


left to right. John and Ila Rupley, Glen Woodsworth (behind Fred), FB, Alice Liska, don't know, don't know, Jim Martin, Don Gordon, Dan Davis, Alex Bertulis, Fred Dunham.

Front Row: don't know, don't know, Don Liska, Dave Beckstead, Paul Myhre.


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Thanks to the organizer(s) and all who attended. It was good to meet some of the early Cascade pioneers. Lowell did a great job uncovering and presenting priceless videos of Beckey as a youngster.


PMS - Ageless Trail Blazer Phil Leatherman is your first don't know on the top row. The guy is in his mid to late 60s and still moving just as fast as anyone. His photos appear throughout the CAG series.

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If you google "Fred Beckey" the very first reference points to the following Wikipedia page:




The page seems inadequate and the photo is terrible. Would anybody like to try improving it? For comparison, here is the Wikipedia page for Yvon Chouinard:



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Would anybody like to try improving it?


Go for it! You can do it!


If nobody else does it, I might. But it could take a long time, because I have lots of other projects to work on. There must be lots of people out there who could lend a hand in this. Anybody can contribute to wikipedia, as far as I know. Fred deserves a more complete writeup and a better photo.


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Regarding the Fred Beckey Group Birthday Photo


Top Row:

John and Ila Rupley, Glen Woodsworth, Fred, Alice Liska, Phil Leatherman,James Garrett (in black blazer), Jim Martin, Don Gordon, Dan Davis (in back) Alex Bertulis and Fred Dunham


Jay Ullin Stephen Johnson,Tom Stewart, Don Liska, Dave Beckstead, and Paul Myhre


That's everybody - Don PJ Beavon

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