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the best pack is a free pack you find as booty on a route. especially if it has a medicine bottle full of the sweet leaf in it smile.gif" border="0 ...the second best pack is a pack you get pro deal on...the third best pack is one that looks like it is full even when it is nearly empty so your buddy doesnt ask you to carry any of the beer cause he thinks your pack is stuffed full...the 4th best pack is the one that floats along behind you on little helium balloon supports....

i tried out that design on the design team at arcteryx but they were worried about what would happen in windstorms....

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I got a fancy-pants Eddie Bauer pack that I found in a park in a rich-people neighborhood. It was in the vicinity of broken beer bottles and had a bunch of beer spilled in/on it. Probably some rich kid out partying, spilled beer [big Drink] on it then had to leave it there so he/she wouldn't get busted by the P's. Haw Haw! Party down some more dudes.

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