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  1. Shit happens. Sounds like they handled the situation well under the circumstances. Well = living or not dead
  2. Dennis_the_Menace


    quote: Originally posted by greenfork:
  3. 100% behind you Mike. And for the record, I don't think you look like Stiffler from American Pie.
  4. 18 yr old Kelly Clark wins 1st US gold in half pipe [ 02-11-2002: Message edited by: Dennis the Menace ]
  5. I personally like the curling competition. Man... I don't know how they keep from getting hurt. Not to mention the mental stress.
  6. Update: Got the Arc Teryx Khamsin 30. Thanks for all the suggestions
  7. Fell into a little mad money that the spouse does not know about and shopping for new pack. Small & lightweightNot to be used for planned overnight stay.Capable of carrying multi-pitch trad rack, and minimal essentials (water bottle, light WP jacket, first aid, etc)Minimal straps and gadgets on outsideCan double as light alpine pack or ice pack. (has ice axe loops or tubes) Been looking at the Black Diamond packs, zippo, ice pack, snow pack. Suggestions?
  8. Never, never say too old (or too late) Climb on
  9. Those mountaineers are queersexuals.
  10. For alpine and ice climbing, are bibs really worth it? I keep going back and forth on whether to buy a pair. Should I just stick with my goretex and softshell pants? Long time listener, first time poster.
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