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While we're at Reeds Pinnacle, here's Stone Groove - Thanksgiving 76 or 77. One of those climbs where I was so pumped I had to have someone else untie my knot. Fortunately the upper crack was wide enough I could just stuff my blood engorged forearms into the crack and it was a perfect fit.

stone groove 02 - export.jpg

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Jeebus! That is an AWSOME picture! Beautiful black and white with perfect clarity. EB’s. Perlon and webbing slung hexes and stoppers. Maybe even a MOAC. Hole in the seat of your pants. Doesn’t get much better than that. You’re throwing down some beauties, Mr. Off_White. I still can’t believe we never crossed paths. 

Here’s another Reeds area climb on the far left side. Probably 1974 or so. The Left Side of the Remnant. A burly, overhanging, hard to protect, wide, horror show. Perfect. What could possibly go wrong.


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