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nonclimbing - dumb question re: a KVM Switch


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I have an IOGear GCS612A KVM switch to manage two computers.


The toggle between the two computers used to be hitting F12 twice as I remember it, but that does not seem to work. I left the country for a couple months, now I cannot figure out how to get to my second computer!!!


Does anyone have a clue for me?





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I don't know up front. Mine has switches to allow this manually in addition the the KB shortcuts. IO Gear should have an on-line manual though and a tech support number - that's where I'd go. If it were an ATC you might have better luck getting an answer here :)

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What the heck you folks talkin' about?




Who would go to a climbing web-site to ask technical computer questions and expect to get a sober, informed answer?

We're all one big helpful family, eh? Who do I turn to when I've got a problem in life?....fixing the car, making up/making out with my girlfriend, help with the philosophy term-paper....ya...my fellow climber...they know...and they're always there for me, giving great advice like this classic:

Go to the run prompt and type reformat C:


(Actually, if I recall, its C:format but don't do that.)



Moderators....please move this discussion to the Nerd Forum.

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