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  1. nonclimbing - dumb question re: a KVM Switch

    You are welcome.
  2. nonclimbing - dumb question re: a KVM Switch

    Per bstach: Read the damn manual yourself.
  3. nonclimbing - dumb question re: a KVM Switch

    A bit feisty this morning, eh?
  4. nonclimbing - dumb question re: a KVM Switch

    Per page 11 on the PDF: Hit scroll lock twice.
  5. nonclimbing - dumb question re: a KVM Switch

    With the switch I have, I hit scroll lock twice, then the down arrow key.
  6. Freshie season's getting closer when ...

    Just heard from my brother: Crystal has a couple of inches at the bottom of 6. Won't be long now...
  7. approach skis question

    Yeah, they don't seem like you could beat on 'em for too long before they'd fold.
  8. approach skis question

    Maybe these with some cheap skis? http://www.marmotmountain.com/MMWmain.asp?Option=Detail&StyleID=10408
  9. Cool new shit I learned©

    some more I didn't see on that list: alt 0176 = ° or 248 ° 241 = ± 0248 = ø 171 = ½ 172 = ¼ 253 = ² also look on www.lookuptables.com
  10. Death at Baker

    R.I.P Trinity
  11. Wilkeson

    So you don't remember in the middle of the far wall, the hanger that is a piece of aluminum bent at 90 degrees, or the other handful of 1/4 bolts. Oh yeah, did I mention it is sandstone? -Stretch
  12. Wilkeson

    or monos
  13. Wilkeson

    Sandstone, some 1/4 buttonheads, some newer 3/8 hangers. Be very careful! -Stretch
  14. Ever seen these?

    Right on guys, thanks for the response!! Stretch
  15. Awwww nuts!

    Have any of you seen this type of slider nuts? http://forums.climbing.com/forum/fileuploads//911-100_6402.jpg Just looking for some info on them: make, model, year Thanks, Stretch