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Moving to the Great Pacific Northwest!


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Nothing like faceless middle america spreading like a ringworm of shrapnel across the Great Northwest.


Yes, I know, Ballard is the Paris of the west.


Ahhh, the Great Pacific Northwest....birthplace of the metaphor, home of the "mellow" lifestyle.


Just like Marin, only wetter.


Feel the love confused.gif

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Do not listen to the hype on Kent. It is indeed a suburban hellhole. You'd only live there if it was the only place you could afford to buy a house.


Better choices: Columbia City or West Seattle. When you look at buying, you may look south of WS at White Center--it's an up and coming neighborhood. Ditto South Park, weird but cool. Most of SP is under the airport flight pattern so that's a consideration.


Don't let anyone tell you the Federal Way is a good idea either. If you're moving to Seattle, you want to enjoy Seattle, not live in faceless suburbs.


Haha! Have some kids! Love living in the suburbs with 1/2 acre lot and less cars going by and the constant hiss of noise! Kids can play in the streets too! cool.gif


If you don't have a family I guess living closer to Seattle would be for the more "hip".

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I moved to Seattle almost exactly 3 years ago and had a lot of luck finding an apartment on Craig's List http://seattle.craigslist.org/.


I also put a posting up there asking people who were familiar with Boston (where I moved from) and Seattle to help me compare neighborhoods. I got some great feedback and it helped me search for a place to live, having no other clue about Seattle neighborhoods.


I moved to West Seattle last October. I also work South of Seattle and my commute is about 10 - 15 minutes. I also have great access to 90 which is sweet when you're heading out climbing. It's a quick shot to downtown too. Really it's fantastic. Shoot me a PM if you want more West Seattle info (although I haven't lived there that long).


Welcome to the 'Hood!

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yea even a little culture like Walmarts, best buy, Home depot,Mcdonalds, and community like robbery, rape and shootings, & don't forget the traffic.

Nothing like faceless middle america spreading like a ringworm of shrapnel across the Great Northwest.


However Burien is kinda nice.


But what do I know im a rich climbing elitist in my spacious 500sf studio.


Ahh, yes... the city.


Lived in Wallingford 1 year: (1) break in/robbery, (1) car break in

Lived in Ballard 1 year: (1) break in/robbery, (1) attempted mugging, (multiple) run ins with crusty curmudgeon neighbors

Living in Kent 17 years: (0) break ins (0) muggings (0) car break ins


In addition, I actually talk to my neighbors from time to time, frequent local businesses while avoiding the big boxes, and have seen my house increase in value 2.5x over 13 years. I'm 20 minutes from Tacoma and 30 minutes from Seattle - assuming traffic is OK. It's quiet in my neighborhood at night, my kid can ride her bike on my cul de sac, and she can understand the diversity of the world by going to school with latinos, asians, africans, and indians. Oh... and the "darkies" too, as was sooo eloquently pointed out somewhere else.


Yup. Don't look here. It sucks. Really. It does. Cause if anymore people come here, it's going to drive my property taxes up through the roof.


But seriously, if you're both working around the stadiums, I'd opt for West Seattle. I'm a big fan of living close to where you work. Not enough hours in the day to spend sitting in a car.



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Kurt, you must be a magnet for trouble. Remind me not to go climbing with you! I've lived in Eastlake, Montlake, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Ballard, and Sand Point - and I've had fewer total problems than you list over the last 25 years!


Oh, and in all of those locations except Montlake and Fremont I knew my neighbors (in Montlake and Fremont I only stayed in the same house for less than a year, so maybe it would have been different had I been there longer).

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