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  1. Hows the trail up to Constance? Thinking that it should be clear enough with the lack of snow we've been having. Anyone get up there recently?
  2. hope you got the high definition wide screen with the morphine cocktail drink that had the little umbrella served by a blond miniskirted princess nurse wearing an ultrashort skirt, high heals, no panites and a push-up wonderbra. so did you get to see the game?
  3. Looking in condition as soon as the weather turns! Schweettttt Mt Pr0n!
  4. How about putting in some parking in Ballard for all these new units? Yeah, it's nice to think we'll all bike everywhere and cars are not necessary in the utopian future, but thats a pipe dream. Build some F***ing garages and off street parking!
  5. Coming soon: Rainer kegstands balancing on ice axes.
  6. Bellevue is like Socal with less pushy asshole californians. Gotta hand it to them, less sh*t than Tacoma.
  7. Smarter people than you have decided that NOT having lungs and NOT having a heart (along with hands feet etc etc, LIKE a less than 3 mo old fetus: determines only that it is only the POTENTIAL for life. NOT LIFE. So if YOU don't want to have an abortion, use birth control, except that I suspect you oppose that as your God says you'll go to hell if you do use it. But don't tell the rest of us normal people what we can do you...you...jackalope.
  8. Nothing more erie or scary than climbing peaks in the "Kung Pao" range while the locals are having a dog shortage.
  9. Tauntauns aren't worth a shit if you don't have a lightsaber to gut it and climb inside when the shit hits the fan. Who's gonna be carrying a lightsaber all the time?
  10. My brother works for an organization where he gets calls not infrequently from various media. They will ask him to comment on something: lets say question "A". He responds with the truth - which may be response "B" Later he learns that 5 other people in his office also got the same call from the same reporter and gave that reporter the same response, which was the truth: ie response "B". However, the 6th person may have put a slight twist on the answer, or perhaps there really was never a 6th person called, but when the story is published it is - as if from total left field, response "Q". Response "B", which is the truth and what multiple experts have said, never gets mentioned. By way of justification for response "Q", they also print "quoting an unnamed source". Everybody who was asked what the truth was goes.... WTF? Where did that lie come from? Other trick, they will send a detailed Public Relations piece to the local newspaper. Fish Wrapper puts a byline on it along with a single sentence at the start which reads: "This paper has learned......" then the public relations piece is published in it's entirety. Like they just finished a 3 year investigation instead of the honest to God truth which is really and truly "We found this unsolicited PR piece in an envelope in our mailbox this morning and in an attempt to fill the paper up have decided to run it without changing a line or confirming a word." Oh, we will add our byline and the sentence "This paper has learned" to the start of it. You'd never know it by reading the piece. End of that rant. So, what is all the talk about Presidential Erections since Hillarys running: have a nice day Emily Latilla.
  11. Dood, did you see any golden tablets laying aournd or any burning bushes? Which mountain was it that Moses hiked up?
  12. You guys see that one of the biggest red tide closures just hit Washington? Nisqualie river and up is pretty much all slosed to Red Tide so you'll have to eat your clams at home now. In other news, the convention of shellfish has been cancelled.
  13. Liar, everyone knows both she and her mother are gay. Hey, does sniffing a chair that Lynn Hill had sat on count?
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