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I Have a Confession


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Back when, it used to be I could stay strong by climbing a lot outdoors and by throwing boxes around all day in a warehouse. Well after getting injured this summer I stayed fit but I lost some strength thru not climbing for 3 months and climbing on weekends just isn't getting it back mad.gif I still hate plastic though mad.gif It might finally motivate me to buy a house just so's I can make my own gym in the barn or garage.

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thats funny because I too feel this way.

started out climbing indoors during February, but once all the snow and ice melted off the cliffs, I bought a rack and never looked back... until I met a girl. she is just getting into climbing and at the same starting point I once was at. I've found climbing in the gym excellent training for keeping my climbing muscles going while my ice climbing muscles are taking form. also, it's good to socialize with all the cute college chicks.


don't sweat it man

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Yeah, if you gotta climb indoors, the social aspect is nice. Except when they get groups of cub scouts or birthday parties. madgo_ron.gif


Also, I never seem to do much gymnastic climbing outdoors, and it's fun to go work on heel hooking and dynos and shit.


After years of bizarre injuries and basic bodily mistreatment, I find I have to maintain a fairly high level of fitness just to be able to get out.

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