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  1. Free Ice Axe on Mt Adams

    I let a freind of mine borrow an ice axe to a trip with his wife up the south route on Adams last weekend. His wife lost my axe so they bought me a new one that was a little nicer (and lighter) So if anyone finds a Petzl Charlet ice axe near pikers peak... Enjoy!!!
  2. Mt Ellinor Mt Washington Taverse

    Mattp....is the route pretty straight forward on the backside or is it easy to take a wrong turn. Actually its pretty easy for me to take a wrong turn just about anywhere
  3. Climbers Guide to Fossil Rock

    Thanks for your help guys, REI doesnt carry the thing anymore(According to the lady I spoke with on the phone). And even the one in the Mountaineers library is missing. Guess I will be going with the Smoots. Thanks again!
  4. any class 5 rock near a trailhead??

    <---was up at Mccleary Cliffs a few months back and found some ticks drinking away and partying hard in my hair. But these ticks are really small and hard to find. Check your crevasses!
  5. Mt Ellinor Mt Washington Taverse

    Im also looking at doing this traverse and drove up there to attempted it with a freind in March. We had really bad weather and turned around at the end of the maintained trail on Washington. One thing I have heard though(and what we were planning on doing) is that staying on the west side of the ridge is supposed to be very fun and gives you a good "Backcountry" feeling. Also, I have heard from several freinds, that have completed this traverse, is you definitely want to start from Washington.
  6. any class 5 rock near a trailhead??

    Ive been to McCleary Cliffs and I think its about 1.6 miles after you make the turn at the T. There will be a big turnout on the left hand side of the road. The cliffs are across the street and spread out pretty good. The X cliff has a good bolted route on it. Also, there is a small cliff down by the water, right next to the turnout. It has three bolted routes, the middle one is pretty good, the one on the right is probably 5.7 or 8. The one on the left isnt that great. The whole area doesnt offer too much but there is still room for new routes to go up. I plan on doing some exploring up there later this summer
  7. Im new to the area and looking for the Climbers Guide to Fossil Rock that went out of print in like 1840 or something. Does Anyone have a copy they are willing to sell or know where I can get one? Any help is appreciated!
  8. Brothers conditions?

    This time of year the traverse might require crampons...later in the year it would be a lot more enjoyable for a rock only climber, just remember to take a lot of water because it gets hot and dry up there in the summer and there is no place to get any water once your up high on that mountain
  9. Should be a small group of us there. Anyone else wanna go just show up and enjoy the day!
  10. Brothers conditions?

    Yea I was just up on the south route last Friday/Saturday (May20-21). Conditions were pretty good except very little snow at the bottom. Up high the snow was wind blown and kicking steps was nearly impossible as the snow just collapsed every time you put any weight on it. But if you have good weather you will have a good time. we even had a couple of guys meet us at the climbers camp saturday morning and they did the whole thing in a day.
  11. [TR]Mount Washington

    Hey great pics! I was up on Ellinor the same day and it was beautiful. The climb was great, we climbed the chute but there is no glissade(Except very very short sections). There is snow at the top of the chute but its really hard. The summit is the same as Washington, snow but no cornices. The glissade from the summit is still really good. We went down the summer route but it is muddy and the path has a lot of 2-3 inches hard ice from all the traffic(we saw probably 30 people over the day and all were on the summer route). If I had it to do over again we would have down climbed the chute. Still a great day on Ellinor, in a few months Im going back for the Washington to Ellinor Traverse!
  12. Tendon Trouble's

    Alpine climbing eh? Excellent Well good news, 6 weeks into this and I'm climbing again. God that took a long time and it still hurts so I'm not pushing it. The first day back it was sore but it loosened up quickly and now it feels WAY better. Thanks for all the posts guys!!!
  13. Tendon Trouble's

    My physical therapyst told me the following: "Ice it until it goes numb three times a day and take Ibuprofen once a day for the first 10 days after injury to reduce swelling" "Freeze a dixie cup of water and then massage the injured area with it for 10-12 minutes...then you can put the dixie cup back in the freezer" There are three stages in icing: First is the ice is really really cold (duh) Second the ice feels like you are being poked with needles third the area goes numb(After about 10-12 minutes) I threw in the fourth stage: Flesh turns black and falls off......She wasnt amused. Well its been since January 10th and I have done what she said and it still hurts like hell especially if I put any pressure on it. I would say it still has another 90% healing to go before it's back at 100%....if its ever back at 100% that is. God Im getting old.
  14. Tendon Trouble's

    great stuff everybody, thanks. I went to a physical therapist and she told me to ice it three times a day for the next 10 days and take Ibuprofen plus lots of water. I took my daughter to the gym last night to let her climb so I tested my finger out while we were there. Its still way screwed up. I'm thinking Dr Flash is right, this is going to take months. Oh yea, whoever said no coffee, soda and beer.....screw you! J/J
  15. olympic conditions update

    I climbed Mt Ellinor on the same day (22Jan). The road was completely iced over just past the lower trailhead so I decided to park and hike from there. The trail had zero snow on it until well past the upper trailhead. Up high there was tons of snow and route finding was a little difficult. The visibility was horrible and I couldn't see anything over 100 feet away which meant my camera stayed in my pack. If anyone wants to go climb Mt Ellinor, remember your snowshoes. They are not absolutely necessary but I think you will enjoy the climb much more than postholing.