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    I am British and Columbian.

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  1. http://www.squamishchief.com/article/20100507/SQUAMISH0501/305079966/-1/squamish/prolific-guidebook-author-pens-another
  2. Placing screw on difficult ice is part of the sport. You can hang, but you haven't done the climb clean. Go leashless (I've switched this season). Because you can easily switch hand positions and from hand to hand. It's like hang on to jugs all day.
  3. yeah...gotta pick your battles wisely, especially in the Wack!
  4. access via Mystery Creek should be fine. also, depending on which Chehalis group one is going to, access should be ok.
  5. Good times! That reminds me of the time Jordop got his 4x4 stuck in Lynn.
  6. Sweet! Some action from the island! I went backcountry skiing at the abandoned resort years ago and remember seeing a nice road side bluff just plastered with thick ice (my estimated...about 30 metre high)!!! If I remember correctly the rock face is about 1-2 km before the first chalet at the resort or I think it's located just before the logging road turns slightly uphill towards the chalet. Regardless, it's not a long walk to get to. As far as I know of at the time, the ice is still virgin... Maybe things have changed?
  7. Hello everyone, I am selling a brand new pair of Quark for $520CDN. I know it's not the best bargin out there, but you are looking at a saving of $100+ CDN compare to buying new from a store. Cheers,
  8. No doubt some of you have heard of speeding flying. This sure beats plung step down a mountain! Watch the vid! http://www.dalaklatter.org/
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