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  1. apologies for the bluntness of my comment, but it's all too true. intuition is the best guide, not asking a bunch of people lurking on a climbing forum. if he is in fact, cut for the job, his/her mannerism, abilities, people skills, and experience will be what gets him/her hired, and not the advice of a bunch of people online. good luck dude
  2. if you have to ask about this, then you're not fit for the job
  3. thats funny because I too feel this way. started out climbing indoors during February, but once all the snow and ice melted off the cliffs, I bought a rack and never looked back... until I met a girl. she is just getting into climbing and at the same starting point I once was at. I've found climbing in the gym excellent training for keeping my climbing muscles going while my ice climbing muscles are taking form. also, it's good to socialize with all the cute college chicks. don't sweat it man
  4. excellent, these suggestions are exactly what I was looking for. any guide book recommendations?
  5. I'd be interested in knowing this as well.
  6. thank you people, keep them comin' ah France, it is a place that will be visited in 2 years.
  7. making a venture west in early summer of 2005. supposed to be meeting up with some ski buddies in Cali, but am finding that to be a distraction and would like to climb the entire month. we have a trip up the Liberty Ridge planned for about 5-6 of those days. Mount Whitney via S.East Buttress is also under discussion. my question to all of you is what would be the ideal month long trip if your goals were to climb big technical alpine routes? pretty solid on NEI4/4+, 5.9, A2+ and love to suffer thank you scottie c
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