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[TR] a tree- some route 12/11/2004


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Does the tree have an inherrent right to exist "undamaged"? Why? Does it "deserve" to be "allowed" to live without whatshisname and hisbuddy poking it and stuff?


Ethics are simply your own preferences backed up with some shit that seems more sturdy than "just" your preferences. (Call it god, science, experience or whatever, its just an excuse).


There are no tree ethics any more than there are rock ethics or ecosystem ethics. There are only ways of doing things that "we" approve of and ways we don't.

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Not trying to make you feel like an asshole. Hell, I guarantee I did things far more destructive, with less excuse than boredom. Probably guilt is the true root of my reaction to that sort of activity now.


Anyway, you did your route in poor style, and tried to brag about it. Climb it clean, then you have something to spray about!


What was that first sentence again? yelrotflmao.gif


PS, remind me not to post a pic of the neighbors firewood pile here.....or his wood framed/cedar sided house either.


Must be a slow day at the gov't office Dru works at that he drudged this one up again.

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