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    The other five will have helmets polypro and beard too, and will most likely be female of one sort or another...
  2. Moving/Yard Sale

    I was taking a crap while in Chelan last week and saw that you had scrawled your moniker on the stall in the bathroom of Campbells Resort, I thought, "Man, thats the shit."
  3. If only it were psychadelic or poisonous!

    giraffes hear cool too
  4. Why Middle Age Women Shouldn't go to Mardi Gras

    did you notice their eyes follow you around the room?
  5. Rope-Solo in the Alpine?

    It would be helpful to know the sorts of routes you were thinking of soloing. As was taught to me, I would recomment a hardpoint anchor at the bottom of the pitch, advancing a clove hitch up the rope to the next spot you think you can place gear, managing the rope in a bag so as not to have a complete cluster-fuck tangle. The rope soloing I have done has been on aid routes, and has also been some of the hardest work; what with climbing, rapping down cleaning, then jugging. Hard work, but fun in a masochistic way. On remote free routes, though, I would prefer to just flat out solo with the occasional use of a self belay when I felt necessary, with a skinny rope and the same system of advancing a clove hitch. My two cents. Btw, I like the pictures of the volleyball girls' butts. I mean, I really like em, a lot.
  6. Women's Studies: The Heavy Bootprint.

    you are a dumbass
  7. What Got You Hooked

    The Boardman Tasker Omnibus shortly after my first climbing trip
  8. Gym Jones

    I'm not going to drink the kool-aid
  9. Redneck Bumperstickers

    In some areas, overuse of colloquialisms by native speakers is regarded as a sign of substandard ability with the language.
  10. What if we win this Game?

    What game is that?
  11. "Women Were Designed For Homemaking"

    After reading all this, thinking that some folks are just in it for the grins, all I have to say is Greg_W dude, y'are fucked up.
  12. Jumbo Eggs

    I asked a bonafide chicken expert, yes, you may have saw her in her youth, on JP Patches with the prize chicken on her shoulder...she says it depends on how old the chicken is, and even a little tiny chicken can lay a jumbo egg...she doesn't buy into the ephedra story, and in fact says that ephedra eating birds lay eggs with shells too soft to be marketable, and they're really nervous...

    if you need a tool to open a beer, you shouldnt be drinking
  14. Tucson area cragging?

    Drop over the backside of Mt. Lemmon to Rapell Rock, there are some nice routes there and some of the longest in the area, the Green Slabs are a nice place to get acclimated to the area, short 1/2-pitch sort of stuff, there is a route called Vista Cruiser up near the overlook which is really nice, its been a long time since I was there, lots of cool ccol stuff
  15. How to get a teenage kid of the couch?

    Approach him like its not all about you, how does that sound for a mental jump?