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The new Darrington Guidebook is finally complete! It's all on a disk for this one, and runs on either a Mac or a PC. The interactive format has pitch-by-pitch route descriptions, scores of color photo's, printable topo's to over a hundred routes, printable locator photo's with route lines and even short AVI movieclips. There's over 350 pitches of rock climbing described! It'll be available Monday, 11/10/03 at Pro Mountain Sports or you can check it out and order it now at www.DarringtonRock.com


Many thanks to all of you at CC.com that shared information, pics and stories!

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"How to Buy The Guide

The guidebook is published by Adventure Images on a multimedia packed CD-ROM. The guide is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and MacOS environments. To order, simply email us at: DWhite5522@aol.com. Please provide your name and mailing address in the E-mail. The cost of the guide is $17.95 + $2.75 shipping and handling."


You'll send it COD, or upon receipt of a check or MO?


Here's the answer from Dave. He'll direct you where to send a check. There's going to be a PO Box but it's not ready yet. He'll give you his address.



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According to the Pro Mt. Sports website, they are closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So I guess we have to wait until 11/12 to get the shizz on Darrington. Any more news on the road blow outs. If they are bad I suggest some one type a form letter, post it at CC.com so we can all sign it and send it to the Forest Service so they know how bad we want it fixed. If no one complains it won't be fixed in our life times. And no I am not volunteering to write the form letter, I think it should be from a long time local with history of the area.


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Shapp -

The washouts are pretty bad but you can probably get your car through there still. The big worry is that if they don't fix it now, there will be no road left in the Spring. An actual letter from you (and any other interested parties) would be helpful, I'm sure. Just politely say you appreciate the fact that they have been maintaining that road and the Eightmile Creek trail over the last few years, you hope it will continue, and you hope they can fix those washouts asap. A plea for more maintenance of the road ends in Copper Creek and on the Helena Spur would be helpful, too (the last roughly two miles of road serving Green Giant Buttress and the last mile to Blueberry Hill are badly overgrown and starting to suffer from water/flood damage so a truck or car you don't care about is becoming more and more necessary).

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Mac users take note, haven't tried this yet


Hi Dave........ Ah another Mac person! Thanks for buying the book.....


see if I can't help you get started here. I have a Mac too and for some


I was gonna abandon us to the ether but Dave managed to get this to

work for

both platforms. I only have Mac OS-9 on a 4 year old iMac so you

should be

ok....... The program opens itself on a PC, but here's what should work

for you

on your Mac:


1. Insert Rattle & Slime disk into your computer


2. Create a new folder on your desktop by accessing "NEW FOLDER" from


File Menu. Title the folder Darrington Guide or Rattle & Slime or

whatever you



3. Copy all documents and files from the original disk into the file on


desktop. (Hold down the shift button and click and drag all files into


new folder....... it will probably take 3-5 minutes to copy everything

to your



4. Go into the newly created folder, locate the file titled: GUIDE.HQX


double click it....Stuffit should immediately launch and open the file.

As it

does this it creates a new icon in your Rattle & Slime Folder, You

should then

see a round icon with a sort of an "f" on it and "guide.1" appearing

underneath. This is the book..... clicking on that should get you

where you wanna be.

At this point I create an alias (with the guide.1 icon highlighted,


click....... go into your File Menu and select "Make Alias" it will


the icon right underneath the previous one but you will notice that the


is Italic instead of Roman...... highlight that and call it Rattle and


and drag it out to live on our desktop... its not the actual program

but it goes

and opens it for you. Leave the actual program in your program folder


store it anywhere you want on your computer..... I suggest in the


folder on your hardrive. The actual disk you bought can be removed and


with your other disks at this time.


That should get you going Dave......... lemme know if you have any


questions and I will refer you to Dave Burdick....... the software

wizard who

engineered the whole thing.


Thanks again and pray for a short winter! smile.gif





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