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  1. this weekend i saw...

    Two raccoons eight feet up on a tree branch getting busy. Spring is here.
  2. Free Climbing/Rock and Ice Mags

    If you're in Seattle I could use the mags. PM me if you still have'em.
  3. problems with big trucks

    For your enjoyment, visit this link for some trucks. Cheers.
  4. Employment Op, cell tower climbers/builders wanted

    Do you know what the pay is like? , Cheers

    OUTSTANDING WORK!!! I can't WAIT to see it. Thank you much. And
  6. racial slurs for everyone

    So, I don't like the racial slur this list provides for me and my fellow countrymen. I mean common, how is it a racial slur calling someone "Bjork"? With this, I suggested my co-workers come up with something good. After a bit of thinking they honored me by coming up with: glacier boy (big and slow). I feel this needs to be added to this list. Thank you and
  7. Grivel crampons

    I've got a pair of used Grivels with interchangable points (don't know the model) for $100. Any takers? PM me.
  8. Let's rant about bureaucracy

    Wasn't it Gallagher that suggested we write it "burrocrat" in accordance with the way they act?
  9. F!@#king spyware!

    I got a spyware with a program I downloaded, but it had an entry for it in the Add/Remove Software in the Ctrl Panel so I just removed it through that and it worked fine. Check it.
  10. good news from iraq

    I guess 70% unemployment isn't enough, we've got to increase it.
  11. The Worst Roadside Bivy and the Oregon Problem

    On a road trip in eastern OR some years ago I was travelling on Hwy 31 that runs SE of La Pine into what I think was the Deschutes Nat. Forest. As I drove down the hwy I saw several dirt roads go off into the forest on both sides of the hwy. I decided to pick one of them to bivy by. I drive the dirt road I picked about 0.5 mile into the forest and pitch my tent a few feet away from it, since there was some room. This is at about 9pm. I proceed to do some reading, but about a half-hour later I hear some cars go slowly by. I had hoped that I would get this road for myself, but oh well. The cars drive on for about 10 minutes or so, and then are turned off. Not long after that I start hearing the occasional gunshot. This bothered me some, knowing that the cars weren't really that far away. However, it was when they brought out the heavy artillery that I started to really become concerned, especially when I started hearing machine gun fire. I decided that I was not going to waste any more time there and threw my tent into the truck and drove off to La Pine for a motel room.
  12. Limbaugh and racisim

    What's a guy built like Rush doing commenting on sports anyway? Think about it. If he would comment on climbing, would you take him seriously?
  13. City trip

    Contemplating a trip to City of Rocks and Castle sometime in Sept. Any takers? Cheers,
  14. Anybody said...

    well if no one else is gonna say it, i will fuck baby jesus Some friends of mine had a Jesus pinata during an Easter party. It was an instant hit.
  15. Good Mexican Grub in the Northwest?

    Esparza's in Portland