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    A few weeks back this website's cookie staching procedure stopped working right. Log in. Go to post or check messages When pages are changed it logs me out Or it wont let me post new stuff in one area and will allow it on another.
  2. Gaper retards are the only ones using less than 80 meter ropes. I shamefully admit to using 80m ropes once on da toof. I was able to climb it in one pitch. I was gripped and had to defer to my guide on da rappel since it took us 13 rappels with tied up ropes to get off. I think it brought a new meaning to the work epic. Fortunately I did survive. From this day on I recommend 300 meter ropes to make nice belays and stuff.
  3. Brook Alongi, Fred and I made a journey and linked up in the Cuidad. We visited countless museums, cathedrals and markets on the way. One day was spent with Mario Onate rock climbing at Dinamos State Park just a few minutes outside of Mexico city. We also saw the local Pyramids north of town. One hour on bus and cheap. Thanks to Mario for the ride to Los Dinamos. I recommend trying Marlon Brando a 5.9+ fingers, hands, fist to offwidth or chimney vert on basalt with some elevation and smog. We stayed with Joachin Canchola Limon since we didnt exaclty get the good vibe from Reyes. I have nothing against Reyes though.. Dinners rooms and rides were supplied there. We also had much information from the English speaking Maribel Limon. Nice and very friendly people. We stayed at the hut to acclimatize for a while. Unfortunately Fred was not able to make it to the top :-( Then off to Puebla and some time in Veracruz at the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico City is garbagelike but many other towns and cities are more worth visiting to me. The cultural and lifestyle experiences made for a fun vacation. One Two Three Four Five
  4. Everybody's pulling sport 5.13 climbs. Women, children, middle-aged folks. Who's next? Dwayner's grandma?
  5. Oh, I had it all wrong! I was under the impression that sport climbing and a mess of bolts were REQUIRED for getting strong. You mean to tell me that the path to 5.13 does not require sport climbing?
  6. Chockstone

    Song Liric

    Well it's been ten years and a thousand tears and look at the mess I'm in A broken nose and a broken heart , an empty bottle of gin Well I sit and I pray in my broken down Chevrolet While I'm singing to myself there's got to be another way Take away , take away , take away this ball and chain I'm lonely and I'm tired and I can't take any more pain Take away , take away , never to return again Take away , take away , take away this ball and chain Well I've searched and I've searched to find the perfect life A brand new car and a brand new suit --- I even got me a little wife But wherever I have gone I was sure to find myself there You can run all your life but not go anywhere [Chorus ] Well I'll pass the bar on the way to my dingy hotel room I spent all money been drinking since half past noon I'll wake there in the morning or maybe in the county jail Times are hard getting harder ; I'm born to lose and destined to fail [Chorus ]
  7. Chockstone

    Song Liric

    Love is a burning thing And it makes the firey ring Bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire [Chorus:] I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down, down, down And the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire The ring of fire The taste of love is sweet When hearts like ours meet I fell for you like a child Oh, but the fire went wild I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down, down, down And the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire The ring of fire [Chorus]
  8. Or the dog and I can lift your wallet incapacitate you and let you to Muffy's cruelty or mercy.... Muffy? She like my sweat. You are smoke weed amerkan!
  9. You friskee men touch each other. I want touch muff and boobeys.
  10. Chockstone

    Song Liric

    In this world without harmony Where there's no peace and there's no sanity I can still survive and survive peacefully Until that moment when you crash down on me CHORUS 'Cause I'll I'll hate you better 'Cause I'll I'll hate you better You better watch how you direct your hate Or you'll receive part of my natural trait Before you send off you just better wait 'Cause I ain't got time not to retaliate CHORUS I'll, I'll hate you better I'll hate you better I'm not trying to threaten or to deceive I'm just enlightening you so you won't be naive I'll tell you one thing that you better believe My hate is better to give than receive CHORUS I'll, I'll hate you better I'll
  11. Stick clip is amerikan bulshit. Go climb or wimp out withh no shaming. Need stik to clip must trayn more insted! If womin has big breasts must lead me since wimmin cannot see feet and anchor plases! Mayb think nice guy 2.
  12. Hoo noos? Rushyin woman have real boobies unlik amerikan fake woman. i think yoda you are.
  13. Skramblir I care no for Russia. U think must be I am russian??
  14. No muff to tuff for chockstoner!
  15. smarter than republickan sometime!
  16. Licker drinkeen willstricklind please not confuse with Harry Pies. I am not imitate. You must drive 4x4 chevy big sport useless vehikle and make love to phat woman in night? no?
  17. Trash world worse than many countrie! Preacheeng gospel here but sound like hippocrit!?
  18. Thacks to giydebuk. I want purchase and will send message. Is there foto of forienger climbur on route? Must make it good I here rumor good topo.
  19. Good snowalck up on Cashmere mountin. More good walcking up to Enchantmeant in winter. Look like Pattagonyia on mini skale.
  20. Whatevah. Schmidts is always in season. Agre all beer in seeson all time if good.
  21. Every woman love me. I don't luv everie woman. Specially fat one. Who buy beer me at Pube Club next? Might show if somebodie buy cheap ale that taste like cigarrette.
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