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  1. university wall

    are the last 2 pitches on university wall worth it? they look like they are a bit of traversing climbing, with some 4th class thrown in. i would think that it would be easier to just rap the route prior to these pitches? Plus, if I am hauling, the second day I can just leave the pig and rap right back down to it. completing the route is full one thing, but if the pitches are not very good, I would rather rap and do some quality pitches somewhere else.
  2. university wall

    I don't mind being a failure and failing to send the route. as long as I have a good time and climb some quality rock. there is too much good rock to spend time climbing on non-quality pitches.
  3. bastard

    Do we need another bastard nation... another force-fed disgust Do we need another bastard nation... aiming at us clinically Like an insect-swarm towards the shapeless mouth of a dead whore We need the spirit, the voice, the angel of light arising from melted mass We need the spirit, the voice, the angel of light taking invincible shape to standing ovation Repossessing night and her hand's godly touch The unbearable feeling of hitting that dark wall is a scene that must come to an end Eartly decay in front of our eyes Now, now it's killing for a living No more repined bastard nation A generous gesture to a people so blind No more repined bastard nation fumbling, descending, away from the light It takes a non-poisoned creature to withstand a monster that has grown and spawned, a darkness, I can not tolerate A darkness we must bury Do they feel, do they absorb our pain... the search to justify one truth Do they feel, do they absorb our pain... the greater understanding It takes a non-poisoned creature to defeat and destroy a monster, that has grown and spawned a darkness, a darkness we can not tolerate
  4. why can you never talk bad about a place that has something bad going on? For instance, you can't say New Orleans sucks because someone would get pissed. After 9/11, no one would say anything bad about NY. Now that things are a bit closer to normal, NY haters came back out of hiding. It may suck to be hit with a hurricane, and I feel sorry for those folks, but I also think the south sucks. Wouldn't want to live there. good people live everywhere and so do assholes. I know plenty of them from Seattle, and all over the US.
  5. want to go and able to go are 2 different things...
  6. Washington Pass conditions?

    Any new news on conditions? I'm thinking about going this weekend, but don't want to spend the weekend postholing, I just want to climb some rocks...
  7. Terri Schiavo Thread

    I did notice that too.. I think the media was trying to show that she was not brain dead, and is a real person and try to get more empathy from the general public, to try to get something else done.... I am glad she has died it is best for her. I am also very sick of hearing about this in the news. But I know that the media will just take the next thing and drive us silly with that too.
  8. Terri Schiavo Thread

    Not that she has died, I wonder where Jesse Jackson will show up next... He sure used this as a great photo op...
  9. friday

    Anyone up to some climbing tomorrow? I'll go pretty much anywhere its dry within a 3-4 hour drive of Seattle.
  10. friday

    Anyone interested? I'd be happy with a few hours in the afternoon at Index or Exit 32/38 or a full day at leavenworth, squamish...
  11. Croft a Rap bolter

    I loved his reply!!! Peter Croft is my hero! Saw one of his slide shows a few years back, great show. And man does he have some endurance...
  12. my check is in the mail. let's keep leavenworth open, even if index is only 40 minutes away...
  13. Trango MaxCam

    I played with a prototype about a year ago of both the maxcam and the omega pacific link cam. I think the maxcam has some promise, The prototype was a bit flimsy, but I saw ways that they could beef it up and make it pretty solid. I think the smaller ones will be solid, but I am still a bit hesitant on the larger sizes without acutally holding one. The link cam is going to go the way of the splitter cams, a cool engineering project that doesn't sell very well. There is just too much going on for it to be reliable and last for 10-20 years like my camalots have...
  14. Get Stoked!

    Not what I need to keep my mind on work today. Great pics, definitely going to keep my mind wandering to the walls all day today...
  15. REI - The Evil Empire

    I was frustrated as hell going in to spend my measly dividend this last weekend. they hid the climbing gear in the back, away from the obvious point of sale next to the pinnacle. REI's focus definitely has been on the dollar, and no longer on their roots. I was trying on a harness and they forgot However, given as frustrated I am with them, I will always go where the big deals are... My REI shopping trips usually include rummaging through the clearance bins... Usually its crap, but sometimes there are some real gems in there.
  16. Condorphomine Addiction

    right on, I've heard good things 'bout that route. Plus, I have heard about the number o' bolts. that route is something I've been meaning to do...

    Sounds good to me
  18. I end up at Vantage, Exit 38, and Exit 32 a few times a year, yet I only have the old Smoot Climbing Washington guidebook, and the even older Vantage pamphlet from 1995. I am thinking about forking over the dough for the real guidebooks, cause I am running out of stuff to climb and know there is a bunch of new climbs out there not covered in my guides. Does anyone know if updated versions are in the works for any of these places. I would rather wait 6 months or a year rather than fork over the dough and still have an 'old' guide, considering I only climb at these places occasionally. Thanks,
  19. Misc Guidebook Questions

    I've seen those Mt Si/Exit 38 guides - impressive books for those small areas. I guess those are not too old. I thought I had heard rumors of a Vantage update in the works. Or is going to be out the same time the new Smith book will be out?
  20. What A Weekend!

    almost got sunburned at vantage on saturday, then watched a hockey game on Sunday!!!
  21. Peshastin fire

    What's all this going to do to access after the fire subsides. those trails were not that erosion friendly to begin with. Now it will be even worse. Sorry to hear about your property. Seeing the orchards on fire there too sucks. A few years back my parents lost a few rows of cherry trees in a fire in Dallesport, as well as their windbreak. The fire started by a train next to the the woodchip mill across the Columbia River in The Dalles. The wood chip mill didn't make it, and the fire jumped the river. unbelieveable. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the mill was the only structure burned.
  22. Pub Club goes CLIMBING????

    Index was a great pub club last night. got some climbing in at the country, and had a good beer with Bronco! Perfect temps, great climbs. Enjoyable all around. Where was everyone? Oh yeah, at the pub...
  23. OK, who wants to skip pub club and meet me out at Index tomorrow night. I can be there by 5:00!!
  24. climbing tuesday night

    You could always play hookie!!