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High top rock shoes


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As I mentioned, I had a bunch of rock gear ripped off. I had an older pair of rock shoes I really loved and they had higher sides which protected my ankle bones. I prefered these for longer alpine climbs. I don't see too many new ones available. I'll probly check second ascent, but would consider new ones if anyone has a recomendation. I'd also consider your old ones if you want to sell. Size 42 euro.

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No Kauculators my size (42.5) Anyone seen or tried these? I prefer 5.10 rubber to any other. Only other option seems to be Boreal.



ALTIA: For those intrepid adventurers who climb cracks and off-widths. The Altia is our new high top, with fixed heel tension (for fit and comfort), our brand new ribbed heel with C4 tread (for heel hooking) and a die-cut EVA wedge (extra cushion for walking) and plenty of ankle support and protection.

An exterior Stealth® rubber patch protects vulnerable ankle bones. Unlined leather upper

Mesh tongue with leather reinforcements for breathability

Protective Stealth rubber ankle patch

Sizes 2-15



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I use the "Boreal Ballet Gold shoes". They are very nice. I've only used them on moderate alpine rock climbs (e.g., Ingalls East Ridge and Liberty Bell Southwest Face), so I can't comment on how they perform on steep technical rock. The sole is pretty stiff, which I find helpful when I'm climbing rock while wearing a pack (which is almost always).

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bunglehead said:

WHAT?!! THEY STOPPED MAKING ACES?!! Fuck I love those shoes! I'm on my third pair! Oh man, what shoes

am I going to use now?

you bungle headed moron. aces arent high tops. and theyre still being made (its boreals best selling shoe. why would they stop making it?) though the color has changed.


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