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Broken Megamid Pole


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rbw1966 said:

You dont have to dip it in the ocean for salt water to affect it. The spray can start the corosion.


Use the phone. Its far more effective.

I dunno. I e-mailed them at 2:10pm about warranty repairs on my winter bivy. I got a reply back at 2:13pm. That's smoking timewise. Of course e-mail always make sit easy to ignore those difficult cases...

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Fuck email, use phone. Spoke to Mike:


D: I have a broken section of megamid pole. Broke in wind strorm. We were impressed how well Megamid was doing until pole broke.

M: How old is the pole

D: 3-4 years I think

M: is it silver or gold?


M: that's an older one, new one's stronger

D: I'm happy if you send just the section that broke

M:I don't think we have any more older ones. WTF, I'll just send you a new one. What's address?


End of story, it's on the way! BD still Rocks!

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iain said:

iain said:

Man I can't believe the pole broke. Was there a change in poles on the megamid? Mine's pretty burly

...and the answer to my original "know-it-all sh*thead 'tude question, thanks.


Yes you were being a shithead. Weather you choose to acknowledge is up to you. Fucking duck when we meet. I suspect it will be soon.

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The NEW pole is much better, albeit heavier. Seems stronger (duh) but it is infinitely adjustable without messing with those little buttons in the hole bullshit.


I can't believe the first guy balked at replacing it when he heard the "old" style broke. Obviously (like much BD gear) it took a second generation to get it right. Still, I'll buy more BD stuff and I feel I was treated right in the end and that influences me in what products I choose.

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The newer pole is almost too beefy. I leave it behind whenever possible but the ski pole deal can be a pain. Seems like another common complaint from older megamid users was the pole snapping from heavy snow. That would be a shitty wake-up in the middle of the night.

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