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TR: W. Ridge Forbidden Peak 7/22


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After flying solo lately I hooked up with Richard_Pumpington, Billy, and Dr. J for a trip up the W. Ridge of Forbidden. Started at 4:30am from the trail head. Trail was easy to follow but steep going. Contrary to popular opinion we didn't need poons or ropes for the avalanche paths. We just stayed on the big trail and stepped over logs and debris. Boston Basin was absolutely beautiful and we followed the trail to the base of the couloir. The schrunds were a little sketch but frozen and we cruised up to the top of the couloir. We were all wearing trail runners with aluminum poons. Beware of marmots where we left the packs at the notch in the ridge. Soloed delightful rock all the way to the summit 5.5 hours from the trailhead. (- would be proud) Descended with two rappels on the ridge, and two on the descent. There are a million rap anchors on the route so don't worry about finding a nasty nest of crappy webbing to rap off of. At one section there were 4 rappel anchors within 20 feet of each other. We had two 8mm X 60m ice floss and this helped for the couloir rapping. Hauled ass on the way out. Richard_Pumpington said the only thing that could have made the trip better was if Will Strickland had come along. We decided against inviting strickland for four reasons: the couloir had already been onsighted, there was no 5.11 A3 desert sandstone on the route, due to the plethora of Portland ice that was in we figured he would be out scoping new lines, and last but not least no one wanted to short rope him up the entire approach. Car to car was 10:20 minutes. We headed to Marble mount to hit the 'good food' shack. We charged the entire trip to Mr. Underhill's credit card, want the number?

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Billy said:

I wonder how Joe Retard gets lint off of his goretex? Since is a hiker, he probably knows how.


we'll probably never know. i was reading in the newspaper that they were removing the internet from most wards out at western state.



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