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  1. TR: W. Ridge Forbidden Peak 7/22

    Who said I was a climber? According to the guide book, hundreds of people hike up the west ridge. Tell me more! jOE
  2. TR: W. Ridge Forbidden Peak 7/22

    Another imbecilic chestbeater climbs the west ridge, very impressive. Joseph
  3. Newbie TR: Mount Hood via Standard Route

    It seems like Braumeister is more intelligent than most cc.comers.
  4. I like the smell of.....

    Burnt flesh$$$
  5. Guess Who?

    Trask ought to try women for once, then maybe his hemorrhoid would not itch.
  6. Guess Who?

    Of course it's transvestite Trask scratching his ass. Time to open up the closet sweetheart.
  7. Heroes

    My Mongolic daughter.
  8. Are trees aid?

    What the hell's wrong with a green belay every now and then?
  9. Ptarmigan ?

    Talk to Ashley
  10. Two Tool or Not???

    another intelligent question
  11. n.e butt dragontail

    Speaking of hardmen Kevin, I heard you are as solid as concrete sweetheart.
  12. Rainier rescue in the Seattle Times 6/22

    You forgot about the lightning strikes just missing you.
  13. Rainier rescue in the Seattle Times 6/22

    Very impressive chester
  14. Prusik Peak beta request

    Didn't think so "pussy".
  15. What boots for Forbidden, Goode, Torment?

    I apologize, forgot the topic, but what newbie climbs Forbidden, Goode, or Torment?