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  1. This has been climbed in May of 2016.
  2. Eliot Glacier Ice

    How far were you able to drive up Cloudcap Road? thanks
  3. Mt Jefferson

    Hi All- Has anyone been up on Jefferson, West Rib? Thanks for any info. Cheers!
  4. Hood North Face pic?

    Here is one from Sunday Night. Not great, but looks like its getting there: Cloudcap road is gated for the winter.
  5. Garmont Endorphin Boots for sale. These boots are in mint condition, although a few years old. They simply didn't fit me (too big). The liners have not been molded, so they are essentially new. Size 29. $250 call 503-887-7292
  6. Garmont Endorphin Boots

    These boots are in excellent condition, skied less than 10 days. They have not been thermofit and are size 29. I bought them in 2010, but haven't used them because they don't fit me well. $300 ships to you Please call me as I don't check in to my messages too much here. I can email pics if interested. 503-887-7292
  7. Nice photos! I was there about 3 years ago with my kids camping and scrambling around. Your pictures are very inspiring!
  8. Muira size 43 rock shoes

    Used one day in the gym, these are too tight for me. Like new. $90 shipped to you. Call five-o-three 887- seven292
  9. Trip: North Sister - Ski Circumnavigation and Ice Pictures Date: 1/20/2011 Trip Report: I had a great day yesterday doing a ski circumnavigation of North Sister with a couple of buddies. Firm conditions prevailed, so the turns weren't the best, but the views were spectacular. The NE Face of Middle Sister is in FAT, and the Emde/Abao Route to the left is in too. The classic NE Face: [img:center]http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5202/5376816180_6045aca847.jpg[/img] Emde/Ablao (2004) [img:center]http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5050/5376215025_4ffe8976df.jpg[/img] Both Routes in Context: [img:center]http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5161/5376216489_fc478797f2.jpg[/img] Gear Notes: There are few routes on the Linn Glacier Headwall area too. Approach Notes: You can drive to the final junction of the road, 3 miles from the Pole Creek trailhead. We took a snowmobile in to the trailhead.
  10. Almost new Garmont Radium Boots size 29.5. I have used these boots for only six days, and they just don't fit my foot shape, as I think I need a lower volume boot. These beauties are just a little too big for me. The liners have not been thermofitted. $450 shipped to you. Please give me a ring if interested: 503-887-7292 $450